Apple prepping massive Mac updates for an October event

This week on The CultCast: Is Apple preparing to sell off a gaggle of awful lot-needed Mac updates on us? We discuss. Plus: Something very unusual goes on with the Mac — we fill you in. And is MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar absolutely beneficial? We come up with our brutally honest evaluations. And stay tuned for some other episode of CultCast 2d Hour. This time: Siri Shortcuts, defined!

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The 0.33 area of this 12 months wasn’t a mainly precise one for Apple, with Mac sales losing a giant quantity, despite the fact that the brand new MacBook Pros debuted this summer season.
Apple shipped four. Nine million laptops and desktops inside the July-to-September period, in step with initial figures from marketplace-research firm Gartner. That’s an eight.5 percent decline from the equal sector of final 12 months.
But Q3 is meant to bring fairly sturdy sales because it includes the again-to-school purchasing season. Not a lot this year. At least not for Apple. Its three largest opponents all noticed increases in laptop/computer shipments.
Apple plans to offer away its $1 billion TV suggests

Apple’s new TV streaming service will allegedly debut in early 2019
Some have cautioned the organization would package it in with Apple Music for an extra charge or that it would create it as a separate subscription choice like Netflix.
But according to a current file, Despite making plans to spend greater than $1 billion on original content material this 12 months, Apple will supposedly provide away its original content material to customers that already personal an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Because Apple is giving the suggests away at no cost it’s aiming to create “PG” best content that has huge target audience attraction. Apple is currently making TV shows which might be free from gratuitous sex, profanity or violence, despite the fact that some suggest may additionally smash this widespread.

The 0xc1900208 errors are caused by Windows 10 now not getting access to the documents it calls for to provide an replace. The answer is to make certain the device has access to the files it requires.

The error will commonly have the following message:

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with mistakes 0xC1900208: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.
The motive for the error is all the way down to how Windows updates its software program.

To provide an update/upgrade, the system downloads some of the files from the Windows Update servers as a huge “Cabinet” file. This record permits the machine to replace documents/settings such that it’s capable of growth its functionality with a new version.

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The massive hassle with Windows Update is if *any* documents/settings turn out to be broken or corrupted in the course of the manner, the device is not going if you want to technique the files it requires. This is the case right here.


The reason for the 0xC1900208 mistakes specifically is that Windows doesn’t have access to the documents/settings it desires to get the system working with new updates.

To fix the error, you want to ensure that the Windows Update provider is operating efficiently, and then which you’re able to get an appropriate files/settings to get the machine jogging easily once more.


The steps to remedy the trouble are to first repair any troubles with the Windows Update Service (which incorporates the use of the Windows Update Troubleshooter), as well as then managing any of the sub-structures in the system.

1. Troubleshooter

The first step is to apply the inbuilt “Windows Update Troubleshooter” – which essentially fixes most of the people of pre-described troubles that Windows 10 will come upon with precise parts of its device.

When you are the usage of a Macintosh and want to run Windows applications, what’s the nice manner to run Windows 7 on Mac? What are the problems for that you want to put together? How do you convert files between Windows and Mac? How do you assign difficult disk space? How do you change the allocation after installation if wanted? Here choices that paintings top notch.

Some of the Windows packages I needed would no longer run in virtualization mode. VirtualBox, a free emulator by using Oracle is quite top, but I needed the actual installation of Windows 7 on the hard power of the Macintosh.

How To Run Windows 7 On A Mac

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Bootcamp is protected with the running gadget in the utility folder, and the procedure for installing is easy. You need a Windows DVD installation disk. A primary or manufacturer’s installation disk is fine. Next, print out the Bootcamp instructions and partition your difficult power to make space for Windows. Bootcamp will reformat the walls to your existing hard pressure without a loss of records. To limit the risk for irregularities all through this technique it is a great concept to run a couple of renovation utilities. I used Cocktail to clear caches, run preservation scripts and restore permissions. Then I ran Disk Warrior to rebuild the prevailing directory on the tough power to ensure it changed into in pristine, best condition with 0 mistakes prior to proceeding. The listing document shape is a map of all the files at the tough pressure. These are elective safeguards. At minimal, restart the Mac with shift key pressed to start up in secure mode and take a look at the system files. Then restart and use Disk Utility to affirm the disk structure for protection.

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