Bayelsa Blogger To Lead Walk Against Cultism

Bodmas Kemepadei, a Bayelsa-primarily based blogger, has concluded plans to level a protest against cultism and illicit use of drugs within the nation.

A statement by way of the blogger known as on most of the people to assist him throughout the one-day sanitization walk, which he said became to draw interest to the “social menace that affecting the younger technology who [are] into the usage of tough drugs and becoming a member of mystery organizations and unleashing violence on citizens.”

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The declaration persisted: “This really aims to sensitize our people against anti-social vices and put a quit to the cult warfare being skilled in Ijawland especially Bayelsa. This walk will begin the next day, October thirteen, 2018, from the Tombia roundabout, Etegwe community, at 8 am.

“We desire that as Ijaw people, we have a responsibility to safeguard the lives of our brothers and sisters.

“The incessant and endless cult killings, sea piracy, pipeline vandalism, and drug abuse has to turn out to be worrisome.”

Observations On Mother Teresa

This past weekend witnessed a trifecta of momentous anniversaries. Katrina came about five years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered him “I Have a Dream Speech” on the Washington Mall 47 years ago, and Mother Teresa was born a century in the past.

Monday: Katrina; Tuesday: “I Have a Dream;” Today: Mother Teresa

After spending a extraordinary deal of time on and devoting a good deal of space to the two previous subjects on this series on current anniversaries, 2005’s devastating Hurricane Katrina and the world-converting 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech by using Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I had looked forward to writing an innocuous, little piece on one of the two saints I have ever acknowledged.

Pope John Paul II was one; Mother Teresa was the opposite.

Not that I, for my part, met with either the pope or the Catholic nun Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, later to be referred to as Mother Teresa. However, I felt that a few phrases commemorating the anniversary of her delivery in Shkoder, Albania, on August 26th, 1910 were so as.

Agnes’ center name, Gonxha, meaning Rosebud, may be complicated to pronounce in English. However, this lady who dedicated herself at age 12 to a existence of religious, missionary paintings for the Catholic Church led a lifestyle of service that wasn’t tough to assess.

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I had an old Irish Uncle Mike whom my son labeled a saint, and he might indeed be one. With Agnes Gonxha Boxahiu, there has been a way less doubt, and following her demise in 1997 at age 87, she changed into beatified, made blessed, on her course to sainthood using Pope John Paul II.

There is no need here to element Mother Teresa’s existence or contributions to humanity, which were diagnosed even with the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s aid, which presented her its Peace Prize in 1979.

What is nearly as extraordinary as her selfless, almost half-century devotion to the poorest of the terrible, the sickest of the sick in India is the controversy even this kind of life could generate among human beings who have contended that Mother Teresa was a bent fraud and an evil, immoral individual.

It has to make one wonder whether the liberals of the arena may want to and would find fault with Jesus Christ Himself, maybe for His audacious anger in chasing the Jewish moneylenders from the temple or for being so supercilious as to have Mary Magdalen wash His toes before His passion and crucifixion.

There’s no concrete evidence to refute it. However, it is reasonably certain that the diminutive Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu ever chased everybody from everywhere, until and, as for laundry feet and the relaxation of bodies, it is also quite positive that it turned into she who did the washing.

Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity and spent the maximum of her grownup existence tending to the needy inside the Black Hole of Calcutta, now Kolkata, but came under criticism in the course of her lifestyles and after her loss of life mainly from a small clique of atheists, agnostics, and “progressives” who have to have recognized higher than the notoriously atheistic, agnostic, and “progressive” Nobel Prize Committee.

The prices against her and her order were dredged up with the aid of such human beings as Christopher Hitchens, writer of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything and Trotskyite Tarik Ali and agencies consisting of the Council of Secular Humanism.

Hitchens, Ali, and others in their stripe have accused Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of the whole thing from misusing contributions to being cultists to being virtual sadists ways more involved with assisting the terrible discover ways to stay with and love their poverty and struggling than with alleviating their poverty and suffering.

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The widespread predominance of prices in opposition to Mother Teresa is totally unsubstantiated; others seem to have arisen due to a gross misunderstanding of her mission and disagreement with Catholic doctrine, and others based on a blatant, venomous anti-Catholic bias.

Yes, critics, Mother Teresa, reveal abortion abhorrent. Yes, there are tremendous spiritual advantages related to suffering, as Pope John Paul II showed inside his lifestyle’s final weeks and days.

And, no, one disgruntled nun who left the Missionaries because she could not tolerate adherence to strict obedience after which reviled them does not represent grounds for a perception they’re no longer holy, honest, and dedicated.

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