Blogger Peter Amunga Tracked via Safaricom Line

Popular training blogger Peter Amunga turned into on Tuesday afternoon around 2 pm kidnapped while leaving the popular Lavington Mall, seriously assaulted with the aid of men who beaten his hands and then dumped in Thika.

According to human beings near the blogger, he was abducted by men using in a Toyota Fielder station wagon and Subaru automobiles, which blocked the matatu he became boarding after meeting his buddies Lavington Mall.

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The kidnappers claimed that they were law enforcement officials, and Amunga turned into an underneath arrest for unspecified crimes. He becomes driven until Methodist Guest House, where a hood turned into put on his head while the abductors continued assaulting him.

According to Peter Amunga, he knowledgeable no considered one of his region. In truth, the simplest KNUT Legal Officer Macharia Kabiru known as him to invite where he changed into that he had no longer visible him for some time online. People close to him think that KNUT camps that are not satisfied with his postings could have been in the back of the kidnap.

The kidnappers were well armed with guns, hammers, and mallets. They surely had deliberately to kill him and simply dumped him somewhere else after rethinking the move and kidnapping situation.

Now, blogger Peter Amunga believes that his cell provider Safaricom may have allowed folks that wanted to hurt him to get entry to his phone vicinity, which changed into used to music him and sooner or later lead to his hands being bludgeoned and some chopped off.

The four men who abducted him from a matatu complete of passengers genuinely knew who they were looking for and shouted, “you’re beneath arrest,” at the same time as speaking with an agenda or commander through a walkie-talkie.

After getting dumped in a thicket near Thika, Peter Amunga was taken to Thika Level five Hospital where before he was even treated, KNUT delegates Peter Wanjohi and Francis Mbau had already acknowledged about the incident without being knowledgeable by way of everyone and that they handiest insisted on taking pics and leaving. Peter Wanjohi left in a huff from the health center after the medical institution personnel confronted him on his proper intentions and interests.

Peter Amunga was speedily positioned into an ambulance for a trip to a health facility in Nairobi. Before even being attended to on the sanatorium, Macharia Kabiru and Francis Mbau were again within the medical institution with the only interest of taking pics and posting them in various KNUT and instructors’ related WhatsApp groups and Facebook boards.

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Now Kenyan bloggers are disturbing that police get to the lowest of this and have the suspects arrested. With mobile triangulation and communication profiling, all suspects can effortlessly be arrested and charged in a courtroom of law.
Safaricom and KNUT are aware of who virtually kidnapped and assaulted blogger Peter Amunga and for what reasons. The laking of subscriber information has led to assassinations, and it looks like Safaricom isn’t interested in sorting this once and for all.

Safaricom should be held accountable for permitting criminals to without difficulty access subscriber statistics and use the same to hurt or eventually kill them.

According to Standard newspaper, Amunga changed into saved with the aid of feigning loss of life, forcing the abductors to unload him in a thicket.

“After a thorough beating, I feigned loss of life and that they ran away. I later managed to gather some power and hiked a lift to a sanatorium. One of my palms changed into nearly falling off,” he stated.

Francis Mbau postings on Peter Amunga’s kidnapping;

Amunga suggested the matter to Muthangari Police Station below OB range 54/eleven/10/2018; however, it is but to get a lot of help from the police.

Peter Amunga has been substantially worried inside the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) politics that’s increasingly polarising as camps have emerged to compete for Chairman’s seat. While one camp associated with contemporary Secretary General Wilson Sossion is aligned with Session’s deputy Collin Oyuu, any other is aligned with Patrick Karinga from Nyeri.

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