Gadgets have ensured dumb inertia in human beings

Sir — No, rely on how much scientists claim that humans are hardwired to be lazy. It can’t be denied that mechanization and different technological conveniences have introduced the guy’s propensity for indolence. While lifestyles have grown to be extra traumatic, it has also turn out to be greater sedentary. Everything may be finished with the click of a button.

But instead of including to man’s leisure, gadgets have ensured a sort of dumb inertia.

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Physical inactiveness need now not have added mental stasis. However, it has. If laziness can lead to the entertainment of leisure time, it can be reinvigorating. But all the time stored utilizing present-day marvels is spent slaving away in front of devices.

Chanchal Nandy,

New meanings

Sir — The article, “Desi dictionary” (Sept 30), became thought-upsetting. In New India’s dictionary, the phrases ‘patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ have been redefined to stand for assaulting and/or abusing people based on faith, caste, or ideological differences. ‘Tolerance’ has been deleted altogether because it got here in the manner of hurling cuss words and vitriol at those who dare to harbor independent concepts. Amidst this cultural revolution that is being wrought in current India, it’s far natural that an ‘autocrat’ will represent a person who aspires to instill a “little area.”

Kajal Chatterjee,

Sir — It changed into a pleasure studying the article, “Desi dictionary,” by Mukul Kesavan. The creator has to be lauded for the effort and idea that he has put into compiling the “New Indian Dictionary of the English Language.” Here is my take on many of the author’s references inside the piece; however, I no longer define them. Libtard is a super portmanteau; she or he is a liberal-minded man or woman and via virtue of this accepting mindset a retard or “much less superior”; libtards were people from a bygone generation when tolerance and extensive-mindedness were virtues, out of the area in a century whilst the world and its humans have been divided using slender ideological walls. But these also are individuals who, under the apparel of liberalism, have become a deaf ear to the lawsuits and critiques of big sections of Indian society and are in large part responsible for its pitiable state today.

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Then comes sickular — here are folks who bring the contagious sickness of motive that allows them to upward push above the nonsecular dogmatism that is spreading like wildfire; like libtards, they don’t have any area in this point in time and are mainly hunted down. Yet, these are also people who’ve for years sat on the fence and pandered to the non secular sentiments of various sects and reaped wealthy dividends.

These are just two examples, and the listing can go on. While each definition that Kesavan has furnished earrings true and hits home, it also can not be denied that the brutish forces which can be taking over the country, now not to say the arena, rode to strength at the backs of duplicitous folks that made a mockery of loved ideals like liberalism and secularism. The elite who concept it underneath them to interact with the so-called subaltern are similarly in charge of the existing situation.

Neel Banerjee,

Parting shot

Sir — The article “Dissenting judges” (Oct 1) by Manini Chatterjee lauds the minority verdicts in vital instances that have been heard inside the apex courtroom ultimate month. Dissenting is indeed an essential thing of a vibrant democracy, but dissent amongst the Supreme Court judges would confuse commonplace people. Such verdicts enhance doubts that constitutional provisions may be molded in step with the character’s wishes deciphering them for suitable reasons.

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Still, most people’s judgments offer a reason to take heart. It is encouraging that the apex court has refused to bow to pressures and upheld the freedoms provided with the Constitution’s aid. The courtroom has taken a realistic stand in every one of the instances and passed honest judgments to all events concerned. This is the motive that the apex court is the simplest institution that also enjoys entire public self-assurance. Its sensitivity in managing subjects of public interest is a promising sign for Indian democracy.

Jason B. Barker

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