General Shapiro comment on Poulsons guilty plea

Former Priest David Poulson pleaded guilty inside the Jefferson County Courthouse to abusing one boy again and again and attempting to abuse some other. Those sufferers were 15 and 8 years old at the time.

The indictment says the crimes came about in two church buildings, one in Cambridge Springs and the other in Fryberg. Allegations have been additionally made that abuse occurred as the two boys stayed with Poulson at a hunting camp in Jefferson County.

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Bishop Lawrence Persico is out of city however in a written statement said he is saddened via each element of the situation, “we can retain to carry all reviews of sexual misconduct with minors to the instantaneous attention of law enforcement”.

Directly following this responsible plea, Attorney General Josh Shapiro spoke at a news convention on the expenses, saying it becomes unconscionable that the Diocese of Erie knew of Poulson’s alleged moves and allowed him to live in ministry before Bishop Persico got here to Erie.

He persevered saying he and his crew are working to show that no one is above the regulation. He’s also asking Senate to skip the reforms put forth via the grand jury document. “…On the cease of the day, any Senator who took time to read this record… Should go together with grand jurors and survivors.”

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