How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

How does laser tattoo removal work? This is a question that you’ll find asking yourself if you want to get rid of that tattoo that you never find useful or meaningful. Remember, most people draw their tattoos when young and always regret them later, especially after realizing that it was momentarily pleasurable and fun. You might also want to get rid of visible tattoos before your upcoming interview or draft into the military. Remember, not all bosses or military forces will be pleased to see funny drawings on your skin, especially if they are gang-affiliated or demonstrate moral decay.

Tattoo Removal Works

One of the best ways of getting rid of a tattoo is through laser removal. Physicians with high-quality lasers from reputable suppliers and certifiers like Sentient Lasers will get your tattoo removed in about four to six sessions, depending on size and complexity. Light tattoos may even fade in three sessions or less. So, how does this process work?

Continue reading to find everything you need to know about laser tattoo removal.

The elimination process

The main type of laser used in eliminating tattoos from the skin is the QS alexandrite laser. This laser works at a super-fast speed with controlled light intensity and wavelength to break the tattoo’s ink into absorbable particles by the skin. However, it is important to note that this technology works by discoloring the tattooed skin. You may need up to four or six sessions to have the whole tattoo pattern eliminated.

Laser machines

There are different types of laser machines that can achieve complete tattoo removal, but the main one is the QS alexandrite laser. Other machines with varying wavelengths and light intensities can be leveraged on colored tattoos.

Which tattoos can you remove?

While most tattoos can be eliminated by modern technology, some will require other means, such as surgery. Notable factors that affect the types of tattoos that can be eliminated include the tattoo’s age, skin type, ink type, and even location. For instance, black and old tattoos make the best candidates for laser treatment. Lighter skin is also preferred as laser treatment often leads to color change, and melanin may be too revealing.

How does a laser tattoo removal session look like?

Laser tattoo removal sessions are fast, painless, and less problematic compared to conventional means of removal. Depending on the scope of work, a single session should take up to three hours. However, it is important to note that removing removal can be quite unbearable for some people as it is much greater than getting one.


Lastly, you should follow all the instructions that your artist gives you in terms of healing and recovery so that the part of the skin looks great. Just like you took great care for your tattooed skin to heal, you’ll need the same zeal and efforts to ensure that you heal as fast as possible. This includes keeping the place moisturized and covering it with a sterile dressing. As noted, tattoo removal can be less problematic and less painful if you leverage the best technology in town. It is also important to note that laser removal isn’t only reliable and affordable compared to other conventional means such as surgery.

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