Mobile Augmented Reality Apps to Drive Sales in The Retail Sector

The time period Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for over two decades now, however only with the advancement of smartphones did AR certainly start to make the meant impact. And the consequences of this technological marvel are so huge that some thing is available in the digital international at the moment (Jul 2014) is most effective scratching its floor.

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More over with the arrival of more recent and better computing alternatives including wearable computing and “smarter” smartphones, AR is creating a steady development into the purchase market. The implication opportunity of this AR era is handiest left to the imagination and the skills of cell apps.

From being a tech toy that is used for amusement and amusing to being certainly one of this generations’ remaining commercial enterprise device, AR’s capability is countless. With that in “sight,” Google & many other corporations are scrambling ahead to make this marketplace, theirs.

One such product from Google is Google Glass, it is set to make use of all of the potentials of AR to its benefit and deliver the precise Augmented Reality global to the customers.


In modern-day international, the traditional manner and modes of buying have diminished to a top notch extent. Once we all had no other alternatives but to physically visit locations and browse through the shop’s inventories and shelves so one can look for the goods we need to shop for. However, now we have abundant of options irrespective of what we are looking to shop for be it garments, tech devices or even a vehicle. We can browse for them, examine them, customise them, examine their critiques, get them organized, strengthen e book them, all that and greater through sitting everywhere we want with a computing device and a web connection, through a wondrous generation referred to as online buying. What extra could we want? Everything at our finger tip!

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Well, we human beings can’t get enough of some thing, can we? Here comes AR to quench this thirst, with its subsequent degree of buying possibilities. Blending the two worlds together – the web global and the offline International – to present us this next level enjoy. Let’s have a examine a number of the mobile application possibilities, of which most are already being implemented in shops throughout the globe.

This has constantly been the difficulty with buying a get dressed online, we cannot make certain of its becoming until we eventually receive it in hand and are capable of trying it out for my part. Now, with AR’s Virtual Fitting we are able to do simply that; genuinely.

We can strive out all the unique clothes available to our heart’s content material and then make the purchase. As an added bonus, this procedure is much less cumbersome and is within instants.

Keeping a record of the warehouse’s inventory is via itself a daunting mission, locating a particular product from this massive list should prove to be every other problem altogether. With the AR generation, all this could trade in a jiffy. Browsing the inventory, updating it, filtering it could all probably be achieved with just a look and few clicks. Now, how clever is that?

We no longer have to navigate around the huge areas of a warehouse blandly looking at the lists. Rather searching instantly on the diverse cartons could supply a virtual 3d image of its contents, therefore cutting down our time spent appreciably.


No longer do advertising and marketing banners and posts are static and uneventful, retail manufacturers can AR their classified ads and capture the eyes of potential customers. The poster can be augmented with product films, content material details, and so on.

The clients may also be capable of the experiment through the numerous products available in the shop and get targeted facts which include product rating, coupons, expert discussions, and so on these different products in an instant. Allowing us to make knowledgeable purchases.

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Gone could be our present days, where we take measurements of our dwelling room wall to locate the right set of sofas. Through the AR tech, we will get a projected catalog – IKEA is providing this option – to definitely stimulate an enjoy in actual time and in actual scale to view precisely how the product might in shape in the home area; long earlier than we make the choice to shop for.

Communicating with Gen Y From a communications attitude, Gen Y employees have a tendency to pick generation over the face-to-face verbal exchange and are excellent at multi tasking. Other characteristics and possibilities consist of:

Information in very small chunks. Gen Ys choose to soak up facts in small chunks. Concise updates with similar statistics available via hyperlink fit this era properly. Consider scrolling news feeds, short articles in digital magazines (even better if content material is user generated) and short video updates.

Communicate via pix and video. Gen Y’s, as the biggest customers of web sites like YouTube and Flickr, have interaction well with pics and video. Turn screensavers into interactive invoice boards and convey internal communications messages to existence with the aid of speaking visually. Stock photography web sites offer a wide range of pix to carry any type of message for as little as $1.

Screensaver messaging equipment let you embed links into screensaver billboards allowing the body of workers to interact with messages and comply with hyperlinks to extra records.

Humor and irony. Use Staff Quizzes to aid internal communications messages or to reinforce gaining knowledge of. Include a humorous option to ensure that Gen Y employees experience collaborating.

Instant rewards. The Gen Y employee generally desires instant gratification. Staff quizzes can also strengthen key corporate messages and to build expertise and capability.

Cynical of company spin. The unethical behavior of company agencies has ended up extra seen online because of the upward push of social media. Everything from an unmarried instance of bad customer support to huge company scandals is under the social media microscope. Gen Y’s have a tendency to be idealistic and judgmental and, as a result, company mouth pieces and pinnacle down formal communications may be considered with cynicism.

Avoid polished formal communications with little interplay and offer a more ‘unvarnished’ message with plenty of opportunities for questions, discussion, and interplay. Sometimes, now not having all the answers prepared but announcing, “we’re going to get returned to you on this” can make communications appear extra actual (so long as you simply follow up).

Employee dialogue boards may be used to return up greater conventional communications and provide the manner to permit a group of workers to offer remarks, ask questions and feature their say around a selected initiative or formal communication.


Need to be consulted and involved. Gen Y employees want to add price from day one. They like to be consulted and concerned. Two-way communication is critical for Gen Y staff who may become off through pinnacle down, one-way communications. Provide possibilities for dialog, for instance, a CEO blog wishes to have a tonne this is actual and open, where questions and remarks are welcomed and replied to.

Alternatively, a digital staff magazine that makes use of consumer generated content may be an awesome way for the workforce to have a voice in an extra established, readable and attainable format than an employee dialogue forum.

Value thoughts. Create an open environment where younger employees experience like their ideas are valued. Involve workforce via strolling quizzes across the naming of recent tasks, projects, products and so forth.

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