Reputation Improvement Strategies

The Internet brings a lot of information to people’s fingertips. Unfortunately, it also brings a lot of negative information and can produce a bad reputation score. For folks worried about their reputation because of a mistimed written statement or an embarrassing photo that should have stayed buried in the past, the Internet has become a bit of a curse. While thousands of websites collectively have made it generally impossible to make anything disappear completely once it goes digital on the web (think the Wayback Machine), it is possible to make things harder to find in terms of reputation damage. Here are 5 internet management reputation methods used to produce real results.

Reputation Improvement Strategies

Pump Out a Lot of News and New Content

A key factor in redirecting digital attention to positive references and reputation involves new content. When a steady stream of news and new content is generated and posted, search engines first gravitate to that material. With enough flow, a good amount of negative information can be buried deep into past reference query pages well beyond 10 pages of results. By creating enough layers of new content, a general impression about a person or business can be improved significantly over time.

Networking for Online Relationships

Another big advantage in reputation involves associating with others who have strong reputations already online. Influence leaders and well-known white label names are a big one to get in the saddle with, especially if you or your business can get them to agree to a linking relationship with you. It’s practically like getting a high-quality endorsement given the amount of click-through traffic based on their recommendation to work with you.

No Room for Passivity

No one wins a war by sitting on their rear, waiting for something to happen. Reputations are improved by active work every day, even if just a little bit of effort. The aggregate of posting, developing content, helping people online, communicating, and network all adds up to produce an awareness of one’s name. Reputation managers can do with multiple staff, but the maintenance ultimately comes down to a person or company monitoring their online name and pushing out regular marketing.

Don’t Give Away the Bank for Free.

Your privacy is a huge factor. When people know things about you, it can’t be taken back. So, lock up all social accounts and access to personal information that isn’t positive about you. Make sure indirect connections are blocked as well with privacy settings. Don’t leave your backdoor open to chance, especially with so much social engineering research going on.

Practice Consistent Messaging

If you want to be known for being a name to go to for help, reference, work, or solutions, your delivery to those who contact you must be consistent and dependable. People need to know no matter how many times they work with you, delivery is guaranteed. Consistently work, support, help, and maintain a positive message when you communicate. They begin to speak for you instead of doing your own marketing doing all the work. This contributes to building a positive reputation online, especially as more and more connections points deal with you and come away satisfied.

Reputation management services can go a long way in helping refine efforts to improve a person or business’ presence online. Remember, impressions are worth gold online. You don’t have to fight the world alone. Help is available and can produce amazing results, so don’t be another statistic.

Jason B. Barker

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