Things to Do Before Moving to a New House

Have you finalized the new property and signed the contract with your realtor? Congratulations!

But before moving to a new place there are certain things which you need to do. To help you know what all those mandatory things are, here we are with this article.

1. Internet Connection –

Surviving without internet is not possible in this era. So, contact internet service provider three to four weeks before moving to a new house. It will prevent you from any kind of irritation and difficulty.

2. Energy Connections –

Before shifting to the new house, make sure to disconnect the energy in the former tenants’ name, and then connect it in your name. It is important to be done so that you are not imposed for the previous tenants’ usage. All you have to do is call the energy provider and give the details they ask for; they will do the rest. Yes, it is that simple.

3. Update your near and dear ones with the new location –

Send your new address to your friends and relatives via message, so that they can stay in touch with you. Also, don’t forget to update all relevant businesses about your new location.

4. Plan for children and pets –

It’s hard to make children stick to one chair for a long time. They will move here and there in the house while movers will be removing things. So ask one of your friends or relatives to take care of your kids for a day.

In the case of pets, confine them to one room only so that movers are not disturbed when working.

5. Organize your house insurance –

Cease all the insurance policies of your old house and start the new policy the day before moving to the new home. And if you don’t have any insurance, then it is the right time to buy.

6. Get the new house cleaned by professionals –

Mostly, properties are cleaned by professionals after tenants leave it. But if the house has remained empty for a longer period of time, then get it cleaned again. Give special attention to the cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms.

7. Have spare keys –

As you are new to the place, you will not be in the habit of keeping keys at a safe place. You may lose them while arranging things in the new house. So don’t forget to have spare keys. Get the duplicate keys ready as soon as you get the keys of your new home.

8. Change the address –

Update the post office with your new address so that all your mails go to the correct place. Also, don’t forget to inform your bank about the change in address. If there is any magazine subscription update that too.

If followed, the above-given tips are undoubtedly going to make the relocating process simple.


Jason B. Barker

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