Top eleven Notion Templates to Increase Your Productivity

The notion has been the crown jewel of modular productiveness apps. In a short period, the San Francisco-based totally start-up gained in reputation because of its precise tackle be aware-taking and corporation. As you may recognize, Notion is all approximately organizing your lifestyles, amassing thoughts, developing non-public wiki, and dealing with to-dos with a modular method.

It boils right down to the stop-consumer on how he wants to organize pages inside Notion. One can construct a page from scratch or use templates. Unlike Evernote and OneNote, templates play a prime function in the Notion app. They are the heart of the Notion experience.

Starting with the right template helps you keep some time and introduce you to the middle Notion capability. The notion does apprehend it. That’s why it integrates many famous templates right into the app.

In this put-up, we can communicate about the pinnacle eleven Notion templates to reinforce your productivity. The listing will encompass recommendations from both the Notion team and its network.

1. Weekly Agenda

The notion does provide venture control with reminder functionality. Either you can manually upload obligations and reminders or use the weekly agenda template to start the week.

Here’s how I used it. I made a yearly (2019) titles web page, brought monthly sub-pages in it, after which I added the weekly agenda template to maintain the song of duties.

You can kind /remind, upload date and time, and the service will spark off you to finish the mission.

Top eleven Notion Templates to Increase Your Productivity 2
2. Content Calendar

As the call suggests, this one is geared in the direction of content material creators. Whether you are a YouTube or a person making content for a living, Content Calendar will let you prepare the complete method from scratch. The template is similar to the functionality offered by using Trello.

The interface well segregates the organizations by using ideas, progress, in assessment, and posted. You can even assign a selected undertaking to a team member.

3. Travel Planner

This one is appropriate for folks that traveling frequently. Add an applicable icon and cover page, and you’re good to go.

The desk beneath with a purpose to ask you to add region, name, date of visit, any weblink related to location, and extra. One also can integrate maps and contacts to the web page. Overall, it’s a nice way to organize and combine all of the travel plans on an unmarried web page.

4. Subscription Tracker

As more companies transfer to a subscription version (in preference to one-time payment), it has become a headache to hold the tune of all subscribed offerings—this template objectives to remedy that hassle.

Created through Notion network member, the template lets you add service call, its fame, applicable tags, billing period, renewal reminder, monthly cost, and yearly cost.

In a single view, you could glance over all of the subscribed services and their info. Neat, isn’t it?

5. Life Wiki

Life Wiki is something you’ll see on the maximum user’s Notion domestic screen. The template may be your wiki to manipulate all stuff.

You can preserve the tune of your own family statistics, upcoming journeys, life goals, analyzing listing, thoughts, exercising routines, and extra. The template gives you all the categories and applicable sections via default.

6. Tasks and Issues

Enough about private templates. Let’s speak about some challenge management ones. Tasks and problems are a boon for software testers and undertaking managers.

The template intently resembles Trello, but that’s the point of Notion inside the first vicinity. Replace present solutions with one software program.

Speaking of templates, it comes with popularity, subsequent up, in development, and completed section. You may even add another segment which includes in the review, aborted, and many others.

The capability doesn’t end here. You can also upload applicable tags such as urgent or tool-particular tags, including Android, iOS, or Windows. One can even connect doctors for targeted, precise problems and assign responsibilities to team members. That’s one effective and neat manner to enforce the manner of an assignment and tune the development.

7. Product Wiki

Product Wiki is all about product timeline and control. Quite attractive to big IT businesses as well as bootstrapped startups or SOHO setups. At the beginning of any challenge, you may acquire task facts, consumer requirements, make a mission timeline, organize mockups in a single area, and more.

Rather than storing all kinds of files and images in distinct locations, you can use this template to maintain them together on one web page for clean get right of entry.

8. Goal Tracker

The notion also affords a decent aim tracker. Though it is not as feature-rich as a few 1/3-celebration apps, it receives beginners’ tasks.

Goal tracker lets you add weekdays, activities name, and the checkbox under it. You can manually take a look at-in each pastime.

Remember, it won’t display your particular stats or graphs with facts. Since that is greater friendly in the novices’ direction, strength users must stick with their desire for intention tracker.

9. Company Home

Like Life Wiki, Company Home acts as a professional profile carrying all types of info and documents associated with your company.

You can upload applicable sections along with employer information, rules of various branches, depart coverage rate policy, roadmap, employee policies, and greater. Share that web page with different personnel in a read-handiest model, and you are suitable to head.

10. Job Applications

Students will honestly love this one. The process Application template is best for the ones maintaining a song of submitted job applications.

You can attach your resume, cowl letter and even integrate your project portfolio. The beneath desk will help you add an agency call, degree of an application, position, due date, and more.

It’s a neat manner to organize every element of your task programs.

11. Help Centre

Let’s say you have constructed a product from scratch, and now you need to teach your customers or crew contributors with every feasible element.
Help Center fills the shoes only for that requirement. You could make a subsection for every characteristic and upload a relevant file in it. For a long-term task, it comes reachable to hold track of each feature that desires to be shared with the end-users

Use the Notion in Style

As you may see from the above list, Notion cowl every possible template for every use case. And this is just a scratch on a floor. Their network is growing, and as extra customers are making use of the platform, they’re adding extra templates weekly. I’m positive you may discover an appropriate one to start your Notion journey.

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