5 Ways in Which Personal Loan Can Fuel Millennial Aspirations

Nisha came across a fashion designing crash course by a famous designer and is more than willing to take it up. Her cousin, Mitesh, has bagged an exciting app designing assignment from a German company and plans to purchase a laptop with advanced graphic designing features. Likewise, Mira and Pratik plan to celebrate their first anniversary in Leh-Ladakh.

Like them, there are innumerable young adults with their aspirations and dreams. Many opt for a personal loan. Let’s see how a personal loan can fuel millennial aspirations.

Personal Loan

Nesting Aspirations

Young adults prefer staying independently yet close to their families. Many choose to live on rent and experience the place before building a nest of their own. In such cases, a personal loan can be used to fund the rent deposit payable immediately on renting a house.

Moreover, if you already own a house, a personal loan can be taken for its renovations. Many families have opted for such loans during the lockdown to accommodate all members working from home.

Nomadic Aspirations

Financial stability and decent job profiles encourage young adults to take frequent overseas trips with family. Besides, some individuals are nomadic by nature and love to explore places.

A personal loan for travel comes in handy for such individuals who are curious about exotic locales, experiential traveling, or traveling simply for the sake of “a change.” It generally covers travel expenses such as accommodation, travel, and meals.

Exclusive Aspirations

Millennials believe in living the present moment to the fullest. They do not hesitate to host a destination wedding or buy designer outfits for the wedding, purchase a professional high-resolution digital camera for pursuing their photography hobby, or order a limited edition geared bicycle in the pre-launch period.

A personal loan can help you fulfill your exclusive aspirations. A personal loan is granted based on your financial standing and credit score. Some personal loans may also be pre-approved based on your credit history.

Before approaching the lenders with your exclusive aspirations, you must use the personal loan EMI calculator to determine your monthly outgo based on different tenures and individual loan interest rates.

Career Aspirations

Overseas education, especially in a reputed university, is considered respectable. It helps you to achieve new heights in your career. Besides, executive education is in vogue among professionals with 5–10 years of work experience.

If this is what you aspire for, a personal loan for education can be the right option. The loan is granted based on your income levels or those of your parents. The lender may demand collateral or a guarantee on a case-to-case basis.

Startup Aspirations

The Indian economy is witnessing a rise in young entrepreneurs, either starting on their own or expanding their family businesses to reach new heights or acquiring new companies in distress. A personal loan helps you meet your entrepreneurship goals and aspirations. Since they are sanctioned and disbursed in a short period, you can implement your business decisions quickly.

Your loan eligibility is decided based on your income and financial statements for the past few years, the collateral provided, the credit score, etc.


India has a large population of educated, well-traveled, and socially active millennials. They often borrow to meet their aspirations; yet, the borrowings are within their financial capacity, and the personal loan repayment is made regularly, leading to a healthy credit score.

Procuring a personal loan is highly convenient to fulfill your aspirations galore. It is disbursed quickly with limited documentation and sometimes even without collateral.

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