Education searching for candidates to fill vacant seat

The Huron Valley Schools Board of Education is accepting programs from the ones interested in filling a vacant seat on the board.

Last month, Rebecca Walsh resigned from the seven-member board after promoting her house within the faculty district, which made her ineligible to serve. Milford resident Bonnie Brown has been appointed to fill the vacant seat until a brand new board member is selected.

The seat is considered vacant starting Jan. 1 and should be stuffed inside 30 days in accordance with state law.

“With this in mind, the Huron Valley Schools Board of Education will take delivery of letters of the hobby from people who would like to serve on the board,” stated Kim Root, school district communications director.

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On Tuesday, incumbent board member Sean Carlson was reelected whilst Denise Forrest became elected to serve her first time period on the board. Walsh, whose name appeared at the ballot, became the third-maximum vote-getter.

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Curriculum and Course Selection

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