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A Chicago-based logistics agency has purchased 50 acres of land just west of I-94 in Kenosha County, wherein it plans a two-section project. In Phase 1, it will build two commercial homes totaling 1 million rectangular toes.

Logistics Property Co. LLC offered the 3 parcels, positioned simply west of I-ninety four and south of the Uline Inc. And Amazon centers in Kenosha.

The employer has been eyeing the parcels on account that earlier this yr. In March, a subsidiary of Logistics Property Co. Submitted a petition to the town of Kenosha to rezone the land to allow for the development of production and distribution facilities.

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Georgia’s most well-known instance of land surveying turned into the Georgia Land Lotteries. Land surveyors had been called into a degree and alter the parcels of land that were to be bought off with the aid of lottery. Each time the land of the Creek and Cherokee people changed into ceded to the kingdom, the land had to be surveyed prior to being disbursed via lottery.

In 1802, at Fort Wilkinson, strips of land had been coded with the aid of the Creek tribe; one inside the Southeast nook of gift-day Georgia, and one simply west of the Oconee River. The Land Lottery Act of May 1803 set out the method for the lottery. Three counties have been created, and ranging numbers of districts within the one’s counties: 5 districts in Stanley Baldwin County, 3 districts in Wayne County, and 5 districts in Wilkinson County.

For each of the 13 districts, one surveyor was hired to map and section the land into lots. Each surveyor changed into paid $2.Seventy-five according to the mile, which needed to consist of all incidental costs, such as field word books and salaries for all people who they employed to help them. Once the survey of the district turned into the whole, the surveyor would ahead his records to the Georgia Surveyor General. The total lots surveyed for the first Land Lottery was four,580 entire masses. Any fractional plenty or islands less than 100 acres had been held out of the 1805 auction and bought at the public sale in 1806.

The surveys for the primary Land Lottery set the precedent for how the relaxation of the counties in Georgia might be assessed and divided. Each of the districts turned into subdivided into numbered land lots; every one would begin at one and continue in numerical order. This attention to element and exactness has brought on a few confusion to at the moment; except you pay unique interest to which district you are looking at on a map, you could study it wrong due to the fact the districts are all so comparable, and plenty of running almost parallel to every different. These districts and plenty are in use to this day. Many of the country lines have shifted and modified over time, however, the unique survey of plenty has now not. Properties in Georgia are nonetheless recognized by means of land lot number, land district-wide variety and county; occasionally the unique county name is listed as properly.

The first five Land Lotteries (1805, 1807, 1820, 1821 and 1827) redistributed the Creek lands that have been ceded, in a few instances forcibly, to the country. By the end of the 1827 Land Lottery, all Creek lands in Georgia were taken away from them. The sixth and seventh Land Lotteries (each in 1832) gave away the land of the Cherokee Nation. Their forced exodus would be termed the “Trail of Tears”. The second 1832 Land Lottery also gave away land used at some stage in the Georgia Gold Rush, although the authorities did not assure that there was any gold left on the lots. The final Land Lottery become held in December 1833. It dispensed lots and fractions now not positioned in the course of both of the 1832 lotteries.

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Zoning can be a perplexing issue regardless of where your personal real property, whether or not it’s a massive city like Charlotte (NC), a small metropolis like Asheville (NC) or a rural region like Buncombe County Western North Carolina. Zoning is a device used to designate man or woman areas of land for specific functions. When used efficiently zoning can help fast-growing towns and counties create a clever boom plan. This is one of the motives Buncombe County commissioners are imposing new zoning within the metropolitan location surrounding Asheville, North Carolina.

The new zoning, adopted in May of 2007, impacts property proprietors for the duration of Buncombe County, in addition to destiny homebuyers, dealers and real property investors. A clear know-how of the zoning ordinances and regulations is important in case you are going own real estate. It affects the price of your private home and the selections you may make while selling or constructing on your home. This applies to a residential real estate in addition to business property proprietors.





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