How to Boost Internet Speed?

Life without the internet is impossible. We are greatly dependent on this technology that has completely altered our lives. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up? Do you go to the kitchen to drink two glasses of water? Of course not. You grab your phone and check your social media accounts, emails, text messages, etc.

Yes, this is not a very healthy activity, but we are all addicted to the internet and social media and can’t imagine our life without it. Thus, this goes on to show that we are living in a fast-paced digital world.

And we are humans; constantly fulfilling the duties of this world exhausts us. We occasionally need a break from everything going on and want to play games with our besties or watch a few binge-worthy episodes and movies. However, our streaming and gaming experiences would become a nightmare if the internet connection is not providing the necessary speed.

Hence, choosing an internet service provider that provides a stable and dependable internet connection is always better. Perhaps, many service providers in your neighborhood can provide that for you.

In our opinion, Optimum Altice is a reliable one because it has lived up to our expectations in every way. More than 42 states in the United States are covered, and it offers up to 940 Mbps of download speeds without any contractual obligations.

Switching your internet provider is not a quick process. Try the tricks below to fix your internet and get better speeds.

Tips and Tricks for Boosting Your Wifi Speed | 2022 Wifi speed guide

1. Restart your router

You can restart your router if you’re having issues with speed when playing games. Restarting your router will allow you to erase any memory that was obstructing it previously and give it a fresh start. Some speed problems can be resolved as simply as 123. Some speed problems can be resolved as simply as 123.

Please wait a moment after unplugging the router before re-plugging it in. Watch for the router to stabilize. You might notice a significant change in the speed you were previously experiencing. However, if the problem still exists, go to the next stage.

2. Place the router in the center

WiFi routers are the most common type of internet access device. If you are also fond of using routers, connecting your home’s various rooms to the internet may present some difficulties. It’s because not every area of the house receives WiFi signals.

Keep your router in a prominent area tThe best location for your router necessitates the absence of any barriers or obstructions. o, get coverage across the entire house. If you’ve put your router close to anything metallic, you need to relocate it away from it right away and place it in a central location.

3. Use a WiFi extender for enhanced signals

It is preferable to purchase a WiFi extender if the step above does not assist you in getting stronger signals throughout the house. Large homes frequently struggle with WiFi coverage in all areas of the house.

If you are experiencing the same problems, it is time to spend a little extra cash to purchase a WiFi extender. You may improve signals across your home by plugging in a WiFi extender.

4. Adjust the antennas of the router

Internal antennas are a common feature of wireless gateways and routers. It implies that you cannot set or alter them because they are installed inside the gadget. You can skip this step if you have the same router and move on to the next one.

Your router’s antennae are omnidirectional. In other words, signals are sent perpendicular to the antenna. The WiFi signals will be broadcast vertically if your antennas are positioned horizontally and vice versa. However, alter the settings if your router has movable antennae. However, change the settings if your router has portable antennae.

5. Unplug unnecessary devices

It is time to unplug unused devices if you have slow internet when playing games. We are saying this because many devices have extra programs running in the back that need some bandwidth. You can acquire the speed you want by just unplugging your devices.

Make sure to turn off your smartphones and other smart home appliances while not in use. As most providers only give a certain amount of data, it will help you speed up your internet connection but also help you conserve data.

6. Enhance your current internet plan

If you have been experiencing slow internet, try updating your current plan. It would be best if you also determined your daily internet needs. In addition, you should look into better internet services if you have a lot of avid streamers and gamers in your house.

7. Contact customer service

Calling customer service is the final option for speed issues. If customer service cannot solve your problem, it is time to part ways permanently and look for another service provider in your neighborhood. Before changing your service, be sure to compare prices.

Final words

Internet speed is crucial, especially now that we require the internet for almost all our needs. Hence, it is always better to implement the steps above to help you achieve your dreams of internet speed.

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