4 Great Programs You Should Encourage for Your Employees

As a business owner, your employees are vital for the success of your enterprise. If people are unhappy at work or don’t feel valued as staff members, they won’t be productive or have positive customer interactions. This can also lead to high turnover at your company, which can look bad for you. Your goal should be to create an excellent place to work and give your employees the best equipment to do their jobs well. This also includes providing opportunities and great programs you can encourage your employees to benefit from.


Whether you are creating safe spaces within your company or working to motivate mental and physical health outside, there are plenty of great programs to support. It’s all about showing empathy and compassion to your team. Think about their needs and what will help them stay more well-rounded and take care of their wellness. There are plenty of options out there to help do this, but we’ve compiled a list of just a few programs and ideas that could do the trick. Read on for a few options to help your employees thrive in and outside the workplace.

1. Company Culture

It’s no secret that employees do better in offices where they feel valued, appreciated, and challenged. They also need the tools to do this most virtually. It starts with creating a company culture with options for employees to grow their skills within your company’s framework. Wellable has done tremendous research on forming healthy habits within the workplace and improving everyone’s well-being on staff. Company culture is a huge part of this. But so is giving your employees the best software and equipment plus an effective workspace; you are investing in them as much as they are investing in the company. This is a great program for you to invest in to see the impact a wellness platform can have on your team’s morale and motivation.

2. Quality Technology and Insurance

No matter what kind of industry you work in, technology will be an important part of your work. Encourage your employees to invest in great mobile phones and warranties for the products they’ll be using daily. Having mobile phone insurance protects against accidental damage on the job or during your free time. Encouraging people to trust a protection plan can eliminate the biggest worry about a cell phone breaking down or needing a screen repair. Enrollment in cell phone insurance can be a perk for your organization.

3. Physical Fitness and Health

Many jobs require their employees to sit at a desk and work on the computer for several hours every day. Staring at screens and staying stationary is not the best for your mental and physical health. This is why a lot of companies will encourage their employees to get involved with their wellness. Whether that is a discount on fitness classes or group physical activity for you all to enjoy, a wellness program can be beneficial.

4. Work-Life Balance

While it may seem counter-productive for your company to give your employees time off or encourage them to enjoy taking breaks, this may be the best thing you can do for your company. Encourage work-life balance. Tell your staff to take vacations and not to work past five pm. Working them too hard will only lead to resentment and grumpiness. Instead, offer programs like a recreational sports league or Friday night cocktail hours, so your team has time to focus on things that really matter outside of work. It’ll help you find that perfect balance and keep your employees motivated. This drives up your successes.

Jason B. Barker

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