5 Tools You Can Use To Monitor Your Online Reputation

The vast landscape of the Internet is not always easy to navigate. One wrong turn and your online reputation could take a hit that could be hard to come back from. Actively monitoring your online reputation is the only way to maintain control of your information, especially if you face a potential crisis.

Tools are available so that you can monitor your online reputation. But, you do not have to go it alone, either. Reputation management services are available to track, maintain, and head off disaster. Sometimes having an advocate that does the work goes a long way towards avoiding anxiety and stress about something you cannot control.

Online Reputation

negative content removal far easier. If you know where to look, you can’t get caught off guard.

Google Alerts

The power of Google is undeniable. Google Alerts gives you the power to track your brand and online reputation. The best thing about it is that it is free and pretty straightforward to set up. One of the

You can track as many keywords as you want. The email alerts will let you know if Google finds new mentions, such as articles or blog posts. You can set it up so you can even get a head’s up on competitors online.


Social media moves at the speed of lightning. SocialMention allows you to track and monitor social media mentions over 100 different platforms. You can follow your brand, competitors, industry news, and even personal friends and family.


Not every tool for monitoring your online reputation is free. BuzzSumo does carry a fee. However, it does have a free analysis tool that allows you to track trending topics and engagement.


Hubspot has a free tool that is popular among those that have websites. It is a website grader and gives you an accurate health check. As part of your reputation strategy, Hubspot helps you track how well your business is doing across all three critical points of marketing – top and middle of the funnel and analytics.


Hootsuite is known for helping with social media by scheduling tweets and monitoring and managing profiles. The free version even gives you the power to easily access Facebook Insights, Twitter stats, and Google Analytics.

Reputation monitoring can fall on the wayside and tends to get overwhelming. Using an online reputation management service goes a long way to maintaining and protecting your business or name.

Digital professionals have a way of finding things you miss, too. You always want to have a complete picture of your online presence, and a helping hand is sometimes the best policy.

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