5 Ways to Take Care of Your Sexual Health in the Comfort and Privacy of Home

Your sexual health is important, but it’s not necessarily the easiest topic to discuss. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to. However, there are some medical needs you can take care of from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you should visit your doctor regularly and schedule an appointment if you develop worrisome symptoms.

Nowadays, you can get sexual health products and services delivered straight to your front door. Perhaps you need birth control or treatment for a sexually transmitted infection like genital herpes or chlamydia. Lucky for you, healthcare companies are now providing these services online.

Sexual Health

Read on to learn about five sexual health services you can have delivered and the companies making it possible.

1. Pregnancy Tests

Taking a pregnancy test isn’t rocket science. You buy a test, pee on the stick, and await your results. While the act is fairly simple, the process can be emotionally distressing. Besides waiting for your results, walking into a store to buy a pregnancy test can be uncomfortable, even embarrassing.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century, when you can have a pregnancy test delivered to your home. Many healthcare companies, like STIX, offer FDA and OB-GYN-approved pregnancy tests. Not only are the tests delivered discreetly, but they’re accurate and easy to use.

Not that you need to use a specialist company to obtain a product that’s readily available in a grocery store’s health and beauty aisle. Add the test to your next Instacart or FreshDirect order and deliver it with your bread and milk.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Research shows erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common form of sexual dysfunction impacting men. A 2018 study by Danish medical researchers found that about a third of men have ED. This condition can result from diabetes, high cholesterol, or other medical issues. Some men experience ED amid ongoing stress or emotional problems.

Unfortunately, untreated ED can seriously impact your health. Unfortunately, untreated ED can seriously affect your health. Even though the condition is common, many men find it embarrassing to talk about. As a result, instead of seeking treatment, too many will suffer in silence.

Mars, an online health clinic for men, understands t, he importance of ED and discretion. They offer several medically proven ED treatments that are prescribed 100% online.

After a patient completes an online consultation with one of their licensed prescribers, the company creates a personalized plan complete with home-delivered prescriptions. This way, you can treat your ED privately and without stepping outside.

3. Medical Advice

You don’t have to visit an office to talk to a doctor about your sexual health. You can schedule a telehealth appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth visits weren’t yet widespread. But with social distancing mandates, patients and doctors had to find new communication methods.

According to Doctor.com research, at the beginning of COVID-19, 71% of U.S. patients had thought about using telemedicine. Half of them had experienced a virtual appointment already. While some assumed telemedicine would wane once the pandemic ended, 83% of patients expect to use it going forward.

Scheduling a telehealth appointment can make talking to a doctor more comfortable. Instead of telling a receptionist your business, you can ask sensitive questions from your home. With apps like Doctor on Demand, LiveHealth, and Lemonade, a doctor can be “delivered” to your phone.

Do you already have a doctor you like? Chances are, they’re more than equipped to offer that service. Chances are, they’re more than prepared to provide that service. Instead of searching for a new one, ask whether they’d be willing to schedule a telehealth visit.

4. STI Testing

If you’re sexually active, testing yourself for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is imperative. In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported 26 million new STI cases in the U.S., which has grown since then. This is why experts advise sexually active individuals to get tested at least once a year.

Young adults between 15 and 25 comprise a quarter of the sexually active population. But according to a survey, almost half of those who’ve had sex hadn’t been tested.

While important, getting tested for STIs can be embarrassing, expensive, and inconvenient. This is especially true if you’re young and don’t feel comfortable discussing the topic with your parents or doctor. Several companies now offer STI home test kits where individuals can check their status conveniently and confidentially, with or without insurance.

Nurx is one online healthcare company that will discreetly deliver your kit, collect your samples, and send you the results. Once you send in your pieces, Nurx’s partner lab will bill your insurance directly. If you don’t have insurance, you pay a flat fee for the service. Either way, with this option, you can be proactive about your sexual health.

5. Herpes Treatment

According to the CDC, there are 572,000 new genital herpes infections in the U.S. in one year. Genital herpes is common, but that doesn’t mean the stigma surrounding the condition has disappeared.

If you’ve been diagnosed with herpes, going to the pharmacy to pick up your medication might be uncomfortable. The good news is that many pharmacies will deliver the drug after your doctor sends in your prescription.

CVS, Walgreens, and other drug stores currently offer prescription delivery. You can even download the store’s app to make the process quicker. With the app, you can track your prescription order, so you know exactly when and where it’ll be delivered. You can make that change on the app if you need to change your delivery address.

Your sexual health should be a priority. But due to the topic’s sensitive nature, many people don’t make it one because they’re too embarrassed to talk about it. Thanks to the services listed above, you can now care for your sexual health conveniently and comfortably.

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