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Gramotech, a smaller scale, unbiased enterprise based totally out of the United Kingdom known for its excessive-end and coffee-cost plugins have simply pulled again the curtain on a brand new product. The enterprise’s most recent attempt is the Gramotech Babylon — a colorful, intuitive and extremely user-friendly equalizer imparting a clean, musical EQ tone to any enter sign. The quality part? It comes at a fragment of the price you would possibly expect to pay for a one-of-a-kind plug-in of its range, but more on that later.


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The hot-off-the-line Babylon EQ from Gramotech is packed complete of many features and an in-depth device that is not usually determined on different plug-ins of its range. A manage panel sits to the left-hand aspect of the interface wherein the person can regulate the frequency, benefit or Q amount of the chosen interface band. Also covered is a virtual “on/off” transfer to permit the engineer the ability to allow the signal to skip through the plugin without making any changes. Across the frequency spectrum are 6 shade-coded bands that may be decided on and changed in my opinion. Visually, the plugin is pretty colorful, assigning a ‘ROYGBV’ (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) color to every band of the spectrum from low to high, respectively.

Each spectrum also comes with its own set of 8 person control kinds:

Parametric (Allows amplitude control for frequencies around the center band.)
All Pass (Allows all frequencies to bypass without alteration, however, flips the section of every frequency above the cutoff.)
The Gramotech Babylon EQ is presently most effective available in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats, which is a downside for all you ProTools the use of readers obtainable. All matters taken into consideration, this plugin consists of 48 frequency-specific controls all in a neat, colorful bundle which is a win for any consumer who desires to select this exceptional new piece of tools up.


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As referred to before, Gramotech has made the Babylon EQ available at a price everybody can sense correct approximately. In fact, one of the agency’s written dreams consists of that they need to make “a number of the most low priced audio plugins in the marketplace.” Right now, you may download a replica of the Gramotech Babylon for yourself at the business enterprise’s website for simply £10, or around $thirteen.13. And no, that’s not a typo. If you’re searching out a remarkable new VST or AU plugin to feature for your collection, pass make this you’re subsequent prevent — we guarantee it’ll be a buy you gained’t regret.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, you then need to have a plan to back up your blog(s). The backup ought to encompass the database and all of the WordPress folders and documents.

The are many picks to be had to try this. Some are rather high-priced and others are unfastened. Some work, some do not. Some backup just positive things, but now not the whole thing.

The Duplicator plugin proved to be a lifesaver for me in April of 2014. I was using it for the reason that April of 2014 and it’s for a First Class item to use with WordPress. And it’s far one hundred % unfastened, even though they have got a paid version also.

This is what happened to me in April of 2014.

I had one hundred WordPress blogs spread over 2 domains (50 on every). Around April 25, 2014, each of my domain names had been hacked and the entirety got destroyed/deleted. This changed into from a completely official hosting organization.

When I found out something had happened, the web hosting corporation becomes at once known as to discover what turned into occurring. I will no longer reveal the name of the corporation, but I will never use them again or maybe advocate them.

They informed that my domain names had in fact been hacked. After some hours had handed, they despatched me an email pointing out that that they had a backup and could repair them. Again, this was from a completely respectable hosting company.

They sent me some other email after the restore was completed and the whole lot appeared to be lower back up and functioning. All of my a hundred blogs were returned up and functioning once more.

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Then 2 days later, the same thing occurred once more. Every weblog on each area was trashed once more. As quickly as I found out there was some other critical problem, I knew as the hosting corporation and advised what changed into taking place. Again, this becomes from a completely legit website hosting enterprise.

Somewhere among 2-3 hours later, due to the fact I had now not acquired any form of conversation from them, I knew as them to find out what goes on.

This time, they inform me they have got NO backups to repair any of my 100 blogs. Again, this changed into from a completely reliable website hosting business enterprise.

Well, unnecessary to say, I become pissed, I become furious. As quickly as I was given of the smartphone with them, I try to compose myself after which I commenced looking for a new hosting corporation. I made up a listing of questions to ask and after calling several, I discovered one.

This new organization is a great deal greater reasonable with what they charge and they do everyday backups. This is something that made me happy. So in the course of every month, they’ve 30 backups they could use to restore your weblog(s) if they’re any issues.

They helped me set up a new account. In less than 2 hours the new website online became usable. While looking forward to the web page to be functional, I decided that as a substitute of getting 2 domain names again, I decided to have 1 area, with 1 weblog and feature one hundred categories.

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