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Celebrating its fiftieth birthday this 12 months, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a landmark by way of which all sci-fi cinema is now as compared. Still the issue of awe and intrigue, it’s the pinnacle of the ‘don’t bitch, don’t explain’ attitude – Kubrick famously by no means discussed the finishing or what his intentions had been. An interview he gave to Playboy on the time of launch may be paraphrased succinctly: make of it what you’ll.

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Arthur C Clarke, whose quick story The Sentinel became the blueprint for the script, explained, ‘If you apprehend 2001 completely, we failed. We wanted to elevate ways greater questions than we replied.’ The plot? A mysterious monolith has been discovered buried under the surface of the moon, and a task is undertaken to make sense of it – with a ‘foolproof and incapable of blunders’ computer, HAL 9000, for business enterprise.

Released in 1968, the yr of the Paris scholar riots and The Beatles’ White Album, Kubrick could use 2001 to play with elements of the avant-garde, spiking the mainstream. Over half of its nearly three-hour jogging time is talk-unfastened, even as spacewalk sequences are absolutely silent: there’s no sound in space. Historical topics additionally run during, from Renaissance interiors micro-dosed into the future via illuminated floors to a soundtrack pairing Johann Strauss II’s The Blue Danube with compositions by using György Ligeti. Simply put, Kubrick was masterful at grouping elements together in a manner that had by no means been taken into consideration earlier than. Even as 2001 races towards its pension, it remains relevant: it’s basically a history of humanity to this point, from primitive to spaceman. Even in 2018, that’s still about as far as we’ve were given.

Savile Row stalwart, dressmaker to the Queen, and World War II spymaster Hardy Amies created 2001: A Space Odyssey’s costumes, and the film holds plenty of fashion clout today. This is a movie that Raf Simons continues to speakme about approximately in interviews; a continually-and-for all-time pin-up at the mood board of his mind. Thom Browne remarked that his SS11 Paris display venue, Oscar Niemeyer’s French Communist Party Headquarters, felt so much like something from 2001 that he introduced a passage of astronauts to the gathering. Most currently, for AW18, Jun Takahashi offered his ‘Undercover’ series at Pitti Uomo, plastering the image of HAL 9000 on a waist pack and prints of error messages, the Discovery 1 spaceship, and astronaut David Bowman on clothes.

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