Jason B. Barker

Social media expert. Student. Music advocate. Travel aficionado. Bacon scholar. Skydiver, risk-taker, hiphop head, Eames fan and Guest speaker. Acting at the intersection of design and purpose to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade. I am 20 years old.


Internet Games – How to Build an Internet Games in

The internet games genre is a broad term for many multiplayer internet games. An Internet game is a computer game played over the Internet or other networks such as intranets, which requires players to connect and compete with each other through their web browsers. It requires fast and efficient internet connections and a constant connection […]Read More


Mac Mini – The Future Of Mac Computers

Apple launched a new mini sized Mac called Mac mini with the most powerful A12 Bionic chip which features 3 times the graphics performance of previous gen. It is powered by Thunderbolt 3 and supports PCIe expansion. Apple also introduced a faster new storage option for the Mac mini. The Mac mini has been a […]Read More


PlayStation 2 Games

PlayStation 2 Games. The PS2 was a revolutionary machine in a lot of ways. It was a game console with many features that were never seen before on a video game system. It introduced online gaming, social networking, and DVD support. For this reason, many people still consider it one of the greatest consoles. While […]Read More


Education Commission rejects proposed law faculty

In an 8-5 vote on Monday, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission rejected an offer that might have transferred Valparaiso University’s School of Law to MTSU’s campus in Murfreesboro. Both MTSU and Valparaiso formerly encouraged the transfer, in keeping with MTSU. “We regret that the Tennessee Higher Education Commission did no longer approve our inspiration to […]Read More


Tennessee Rejects Plan to Move Law School

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission voted 8 to five Monday to reject a plan to relocate a private regulation faculty from Indiana to Middle Tennessee State University. Valparaiso University introduced the remaining year that it might prevent admitting new students and could are seeking to relocate its law faculty from its vicinity in northwest Indiana, […]Read More


Sex Robots Violate Asimov’s Law of Robotics

Like it or not, sex robots are already right here, and in the future, they could hurt you if you ask well. As they cater to an ever-increasing variety of tastes, some parents expect BDSM kinds (bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism) in the future bedroom. But, wait, you might ask: wouldn’t those “deviant” or non-normative types […]Read More