Jason B. Barker

Social media expert. Student. Music advocate. Travel aficionado. Bacon scholar. Skydiver, risk-taker, hiphop head, Eames fan and Guest speaker. Acting at the intersection of design and purpose to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade. I am 20 years old.

5 Tools You Can Use To Monitor Your Online Reputation

The vast landscape of the Internet is not always easy to navigate. One wrong turn and your online reputation could take a hit that could be hard to come back from. Actively monitoring your online reputation is the only way to maintain control of your information, especially if you face a potential crisis. Tools are […]Read More

Some search engine optimization Tips Disclosed via Google

There is no doubt that the Googlebot architecture is stored hidden from SEO experts who have learned all search engine marketing from hit and trial techniques. Though we do not know the purpose why Google has saved the quest algorithm hidden, however, we’ve found out quite a few methods which might be certainly checked utilizing […]Read More

Affordable Web Design for Use in Your Business

When you start a small enterprise, one of the number one problems you’d in all likelihood do is make sure that your agency gets identified. Advertising creates recognition to parents that you convey a certain object or perhaps you offer a particular carrier. You’ll locate exceptional types of advertising and marketing techniques, and this is […]Read More

Why You Need a Professional Web Designer

Web designing is one of the rapidly growing professions inside the global these days. Why? Because everybody is searching to make a presence online, each superstar, every business person, every net marketer, each blogger is seeking to have a website. Because not all are designers via profession, they rent the offerings designers from different places […]Read More

Web Designing for Your Business

Primarily, internet designing refers to selecting and managing supplied approaches to assemble an internet site’s structure and format. However, deciding on the proper web designing group is not an easy process. It is doable even though you’ll be losing lots of dollars, and you still will not earn a trusted income. Or possibly you continue […]Read More

Web Design – Advantages of Using The Best Web Designers

The quantity of net layout companies within the UK and worldwide has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is not sudden as increasingly people are using the web, which means an increasing number of companies want a presence on the internet. Simultaneously, the net generation and the networking opportunities have improved, requiring expanded […]Read More

Why You Should Hire A Web Design Company

If you’re like many agencies looking to get noticed on the net, hiring an internet layout business enterprise is something that you ought to really keep in mind. Many website design businesses are available to pick from, but how do you already know which one can be the satisfactory desire for you. Below are a […]Read More