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With the Epicurious app (to be had for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone), you may open up a particular recipe and get the recipe, info on servings and prep time, a photograph of the completed product, and evaluations from people who’ve made the dish themselves. This is of first-rate help to folks who aren’t professionals inside the kitchen. The app additionally allows you to add recipes in your purchasing listing, itemizing the substances with the aid of grocery aisle so you keep in mind anything whilst you hit up the grocery shop. The app additionally gives you the choice of checking items from the listing once you get them.

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Then there is Panna By How 2 Media, Inc. That’s the first-ever video cooking mag for the iPad and iPad mini. This video app is built for the house prepare dinner who follows written recipes, however nevertheless wonders how the chef could endorse him/her at each step. Panna brings the master chef into your kitchen, providing recipes that aren’t simplest easy to execute, however hand-picked by using international-famed chefs. As they chop, talk, steam and sauté, the chefs display step-by-step cooking method and impart cooking recommendations in a fascinating, approachable style.


Now that you’re performed cooking, there’s a big spread of the most delectable (and fattening) ingredients at the kitchen desk. The Weight Watchers 360 app lets you hold music of your calorie intake so that you don’t overdose on adorable vacation food. This cell app for iPhone and Android is designed to be your regular meal accomplice. Not best does it tune meals however it additionally makes a specialty of your surroundings.

When it comes to Christmas shopping and gifts it’s never too late to get your loved ones a meaningful token of your affection. The Pickie app analyzes your pals’ social network records to help you find the maximum thoughtful, personalized presents. Built for the iPad, Pickie creates a customised shopping magazine out of the products your pals and the people you observe are sharing. You, in reality, inform Pickie what manufacturers and categories you want, and they do all the work to scour the net for the maximum pointed out products. Everything featured in Pickie is a buyable product, and you may use the ‘coronary heart’ button to shop matters to buy later. The app creates a single place to see what is trending, find out new products and shop. Your Pickie experience is personalized based on your precise tastes and preferences so that no Pickies are alike.

Decide Shopping & Price Predictor with the aid of Decide, Inc. For iPhone and iPad guarantees that you usually understand what to shop for, while to buy it and the fine charges on your purchases of electronics, home equipment, domestic & lawn and carrying goods. Decide Shopping & Price Predictor App is your Unbiased Shopping Advisor, helping Decide individuals shop money, time and avoid buyer’s regret.

Foldify is a unique iPad app from a Polish developer called Pixel and it enables you to turn a flat piece of paper right into a 3-d paper toy in a remarkably simple, and fantastically presented, manner. All you do is choose your favorite design then print and fold them from paper. Perfect for packaging presents in a laughing way for children and kids at heart as well.

Of direction, if you still have not gotten whatever on your family and pals for the holiday you may also gift them an app directly from the App Store. Just go to the iTunes App Store and follow the guidelines on there. You can also send them an iTunes Gift Card by way of scrolling down to the bottom of the iTunes App Store Featured web page and then tapping ‘Send Gift’. Voila!

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While Facebook ruled photo sharing even a 12 months ago, the appearance of Pinterest has absolutely modified the manner you percentage pictures these days. With the Pinterest cellular app, it has added extra charm and simplicity to the whole sharing experience. While the net version is straightforward to apply and control, allow’s observe how the app works, for the iPad the Android platforms. Here’s our brief review of the Pinterest app in the iPad and Android primarily based devices, with respect to the to be had features, blessings, and drawbacks.

Getting began with Pinterest: The biggest benefit of Pinterest is that you may get began very easily because it simplest takes a minute to set it up to your iPad the use of the iOS. If you do now not have an account, you may without problems hyperlink it to your Facebook account and get started out. Once you have linked your account, the app asks you to pick out from a series of photos to recognize what kind of photos you’re into. Once that is achieved, you are free to browse through the app as well as the internet for snap shots that interest you and which you need to a percentage.

Layout: The format of the Pinterest app on iPad in addition to the Android platform is similar to the new version. However, there are minor modifications to incorporate the touchscreen element gift inside the iPad and other similar gadgets. The layout is attractive and easy to apply, making it actually simple for a brand new entrant to become a grasp.


Functionality: Browsing for pix through your Pinterest is a touch hard with the iPad app version. Here, you could use either Google or Safari on your surfing, and as soon as you’ve got discovered what you desire to pin, truly use the Pinterest browser and kind the address into it to pin it. That you can’t pin without delay from Safari may be irritating for a few, however, it’s far nonetheless a minor factor. However, this isn’t a problem with the Android app as it easily uses browsers to browse and pin pix from the main app itself. Another problem associated with the functionality of the iPad model of the app is the truth that it often freezes whilst uploading or sharing photos, which regularly method that you cannot genuinely get back to wherein you were whilst the app iced over. Additionally, modifying your board descriptions and profile records is frequently not feasible from the iPad app and you would possibly use the internet model for the identical.

Uploading pics: With the iPad version of the app, uploading your personal snap shots isn’t always feasible. You might download every other app like the Photo Uploader to add your pictures to Pinterest. However, the Android version works just like the internet model, which lets you add your personal photos.

In end, it’s miles safe to mention that at the same time as the apps are in reality beneficial, iPad apps need a bit greater in terms of capability tweaking before they may turn out to be surely famous. The Android based totally app, then again, is just like the internet version, which makes it higher and less difficult to apply.

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There are so many Smartphone apps to select from on your Android, iPhone or iPod Touch. Everything from journey records, vacation offers, and even recipes, however those listed under aren’t really informative or useful just amusing, unusual and extraordinary apps in some situations.

This app is a smart piece of software simply a piece extraordinary. It covers your screen with digital steam/condensation like a mirror to your lavatory. Blow into the gadgets microphone and it fogs up the screen. You can write messages or scrawl over pics and put off the steam simply shake the device. The app also comes with sensible appears like squeaking glass.

Ever misdialed a variety of even as being barely worse for wear!! With a cellphone-book full of folks who you have to probably no longer call sober not to mention under the influence of alcohol, consuming and get in touch with operation truly don’t mix. To use this app you need to have a constant hand while keeping the cell phone/tool at the same time as trying to dial various but, if you have been drinking and swaying a chunk this may be not possible. A right app to play pranks on your buddies.

Fed up with teens putting around through stores and food chains, well this is designed to ship high frequency sounds that best they could pay attention, which saves owners have used for years, but now you have an app which does precisely the identical factor… Now not positive how morally proper it is even though.

This unusual app has one most important purpose and this is to look how long you could press a virtual button for. A timer measures your endurance and then you could have a laugh trying to beat your own file… Hours or maybe minutes of unfastened a laugh.


This funny little app gives sound outcomes for lots occasions. If someone has cracked a poor comic story, there’s a slow hand clap. There is trombone and cricket sound outcomes for awkward times of silence and the rimshot sound produces a cymbal crash for those punch traces.

For those Ghost buster enthusiasts obtainable, there is an app for detecting paranormal hobby and EMF. They may not be true and accurate however a number of your buddies can also discover this amusing.

You can use this app to simulate pouring a beer and watch as the display fills up. If you keep the device for your mouth and tilt it makes it appear to be you’re ingesting the pint..Interesting app and regardless of some criminal controversy still remain very popular.

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This App is much like the daredevil game you performed at college, in which you would play your hand out at the same time as a person rapidly stabs among your open palms with a pencil or knife, but glaringly it is digital so your arms stay in tact.

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