Victor Lindelof’s blogger wife Maja Nilsson

Sure, she’s were given the posy bikini body snaps from white sandy beaches across the globe, regularly uploaded to her Instagram page along selfies with hubby and Manchester United big name Victor Lindelof.

But the Swedish blonde has lots greater to her than that.

As properly as running as a professional in marketing, Lindelof’s new wife is a blogger, an author with a hint of humor in her pen, and hosts her personal podcast.

And it became on that platform final year, no longer lengthy after Lindelof had signed for United, that Nilsson referred to as out her husband’s employers.

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Speaking on the aptly named podcast Life within the Stands, she defined: “Players have the option to lease a container.

“I’m no longer even going to inform you for the way an awful lot, however a disgusting amount. If you don’t purchase one, you’re taken into consideration a loser.

“But having a box is exquisite. You get your personal waiter.”

Nilsson’s grievance at United can also stem from her love of Lindelof’s former club Benfica.

When the Swedish center-back left for Old Trafford, he posted a message to social media to thank all of the fanatics of the Portuguese club.

She wrote: “You are genuinely remarkable and I am so happy which you had been the ones coaching me what true enthusiasts and love for a membership actually method.

“Thank you for all your unconditional love and for letting us borrow your incredible town Lisboa for those past years.”

During their first year in Manchester, Lindelof skilled masses of grievance from lovers as he struggled to healthy in.

And even at domestic he couldn’t get away it.

Nilsson uncovered his mistake when Lindelof, given the duty of ordering a bed for his or her new bed, got the measurements wrong.
But that wasn’t the nice anecdote Nilsson told her 57,000 Twitter fans.

She once wrote: “The other night, Victor insisted that I take a sleeping pill.

“The day when I discovered that he then stayed up all night time gambling (online game) Call of Duty. He drugged me for COD.”

You have 24 hours in an afternoon.

But did you realize what handiest 15 mins an afternoon can do on your marriage?

If it includes intercourse and KY jelly, then you could make your marriage paintings!

Sex is a form of conversation this is essential for a successful marriage.

So if you notion you may have a sexless marriage that lasts you are unfortunately unsuitable.

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One of the excellent approaches to make sex a priority is to do quickies with your husband.

I recall it speedy food for the marriage. Like speedy meals, you cannot allow quickies to be the handiest kind of sex you have got; but it’s going to certain fill a brief want till you could get a “full meal.”

What is a quickie?

A quickie is a five-15 minute rendezvous with your husband. There’s not an awful lot foreplay or time to cope with it, but it is interesting and it fills a need. I do not advocate that whenever you’ve got intercourse you do a quickie. I think you need time to hook up with your husband in an extra excessive way.

But when you have a hectic week full of work obligations, youngster errands, and different commitments it is easy to miss that unique time with your husband.

I’ll admit, as girls, intercourse is a thoughts aspect for us. So you will put together yourself, even for quickies.
To do that I endorse the subsequent:
• Listening to sluggish tune earlier than some time with your husband, (if you have time).
• Start fantasizing about your husband. Think approximately what that 5-15 minute journey can be like.
• Make certain you have got KY jelly in the course of your little fling. It will surely make matters less complicated and faster.
• Bring the ardor!

What are the advantages of a quickie?
• It continues you and your husband connected in spite of a busy week.
• It can put together you for a higher, longer lovemaking consultation later that nighttime or later within the week.
• It enables your husband to experience demonstrated and it makes him feel like he’s your pinnacle precedence.
• It stops you from having a sexless marriage.
• It opens the doorway for better communique at later instances.
• It should, in the end, save your marriage.

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If you want to make your marriage exciting and prevent a sexless marriage, remember making quickies aside from your agenda with regards to sex together with your husband. While your marriage cannot survive most effective on quickies, it is able to virtually thrive, especially if you have a hectic week.

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