Blogger Moves to Bengal After Threat to Life

A Bangladeshi blogger, who fled his u. S. A. After allegedly receiving threats to his life has claimed that he entered India on a traveler visa and have been residing near Kolkata for the beyond one and a half years.

Md Sazzadul Hoque, 21, has penned his critiques on diverse problems, which includes secularism, atheism, sexual and human rights, and protested the persecution and killing of fellow bloggers in Bangladesh.

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Talking to PTI over the telephone from an undisclosed place, Hoque, who has seemingly been living in Bengal in view that May 30, 2017, stated it had ended up “increasingly tough for him to live in Bangladesh” as he obtained everyday threats from fundamentalists.

“Even now, I maintain receiving threats on Facebook, however, the situation here is not as frightened as it’s far in my USA,” he claimed.

A number of secularists and atheist bloggers, along with Ahmed Rajib Haider, Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman, Ananta Bijoy Das, were killed in Bangladesh through religious extremists considering that 2013.

Roy, a Bangladeshi-American, changed into killed on a Dhaka street via a set of assailants wielding cleavers in February 2015. Weeks after Roy’s loss of life, Rahman, 27, was killed out of doors his Dhaka residence with the aid of men armed with machetes.

Hoque rued that he needed to abruptly stop his studies in Dhaka and get away to Bengal.

Asked about his future plans, Hoque said, “I want to finish my research and carry on running a blog, however, there may be nobody to help me, now not even my own family participants,” he said.

Hoque lived together with his mom, a more youthful brother and a sister in Chittagong. His father handed away in 2012.

Growing up in a conservative family, he claimed he received his first lesson on atheism from a teacher, while he became reading in magnificence 8.

“There are many like me in Bangladesh. The distinction is they do no longer pop out inside the open and like to keep their views to themselves, however, I am vocal. I can not hold quiet and wish to percentage my views with others,” Hoque, who claimed to have begun running a blog in 2016, stated.

No Retreat, No Surrender can proudly keep its head up excessive and say that it’s miles a cult traditional! Coming from the shadows of 1980’s martial arts B films, this is a shining mild of cheesy martial arts nonsense that appeared to take on a lifestyle of their own inside the eighty’s.

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The story is ready a young guy named Jason who idolizes Bruce Lee. His father trains him in his dojo till a crime syndicate invites his father to enroll in their agency, after refusing he has his leg broken through the vicious martial arts heavy for the crime company, Ivan (played by a completely younger Jean Claude Van Damme). Jason and his family move to Seattle to escape from the trouble and Jason meet a new friend named R.J., who suggests up on his BMX with a big boombox at the front. Jason continues to train in his garage, whilst being pressured by way of a local karate gang. After a controversy with his father Jason moves all his education equipment into a deserted residence, in which Bruce Lee’s ghost visits him and trains him in martial arts. This will help Jason to face his enemy Ivan and get revenge for the damage brought about to his father.

Let’s just take a step returned right here, new boy moves to new metropolis (Karate Kid), new boy gets caught up with nearby karate bullies (Karate Kid), new boy receives beat up lots (Karate Kid), new boy seems for an mentor (hmm, this is whilst it makes the interesting flip). Instead of Mr. Myagi we get the Ghost of Bruce Lee that is an interesting flip, however, does not make any sense at all, and seems to completely trade the tempo and tone of the film, but what the hell, its Bruce Lee. The most effective downside is that it seems not anything like Bruce Lee, the best thing that we need to partner this man or woman with Bruce is that they are each Chinese. But this is simply one of the many 80’s cliches that we’re given.

We have the complementary fats child bully, who we first locate stuffing his face with food, and maintains to do this all through the film. We have R.J. Who’s black, so he is instantly a rapper, and a hip-hop dancer, who spends his time rapping and dancing, oh and did I overlook he can skateboard. The other badly cliched man or woman is Ivan (Drago) Kraschinsky, the Russian. This is played through Jean Claude Van Damme in most likely one of his first roles. He appears wood, however, boy can he deliver an excellent spherical house kick, and that’s all he does at some stage in the film, however, that’s all you want JCVD to do in a film, is not it?

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So you may be wondering why I gave this film four stars? Well, the solution is easy, it’s miles due to the fact it’s so a good deal fun. The combat scenes are exciting, and fun to observe, the training scenes are all enjoyable, and it’s far great to peer a Bruce Lee ghost, which I suppose is pretty original, be trained by way of the ghost of a martial arts film megastar. I suggest that is a top-notch idea in itself. On a facet note, despite the fact that JCVD is plastered throughout DVD covers, posters etc, his function within the film is quite minimal, and his strains are essentially non-existent, but his movements do the speaking in this film!

The handiest downside for me is the very last fight, between Jason and JCVD which I felt become absolutely unrealistic. Jason sincerely beating the hardened Ivan, I just discovered it tough to accept as true with. But fortunately, the other combat scenes inside the film more than make up for it.

I enjoyed the soundtrack, that’s a typical 80’s soundtrack, along with the lines of Bloodsport, Commando, Highlander etc, where the song appears completely over the pinnacle for the movie, however, what the heck, it’s for the 80s.

Overall this film is really a Cult Classic. The story may not be unique, the movement might not be fine, however, this film is an entire lot of FUN. It is a wonderful movie to sit back with a few Jack Daniels and revel in. It is simple viewing, you do not want to think about it to a lot, just enjoy. I hope you give it a strive, you might not be disappointed.




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