Linda Liukas became a kids’ e-book innovator almost by means of the accident. While learning programming, which she found dry and jargon-y, she located herself doodling, and what quickly emerged became a small girl named Ruby who imagined causes for the distinctive programming ideas that made them both understandable and amusing.

Those doodles have become weblog posts, which have become a blockbuster Kickstarter, which have become a children’s ebook series known as Hello Ruby…which became a new hybrid career for Liukas.

“When I turned into developing up, I wanted there was a book like Ruby that showed a greater whimsical and creative side of generation,” says Liukas. “There wasn’t, so I needed to create that ebook.


Her huge success with crowdfunding changed into the impetus she needed to without a doubt produce the ebook, which meant getting to know approximately the publishing enterprise and a way to price range her projects, breaking large issues into smaller pieces and attacking each one in my opinion.

While Liukas says her initial image of an entrepreneur became of an adrenaline-driven risk-taker, launching her personal commercial enterprise has taught her that the phrase can encompass a lot extra. ”Maybe the most important hazard,” she says, “is that you don’t take risks, and don’t develop.”

Every time you write a post to your weblog, you write wonderful content material. You spend time on that content material, and it has real value. Why no longer post it in a book?


Seth Godin, the master blogger, has published fantastic numbers of books using content material he formerly posted in blog posts. Each little bit of his weblog posts can and does show up in a book at one point or different. Shopping the e-book save, I flipped through a duplicate of one ebook and realized… I’ve examined all of this before. I offered the ebook. It became contained between the covers; all that awareness in one spot.

Then the idea slapped me upside the top and I realized I could have been doing the equal aspect these types of years. Instead of suffering to WRITE a BOOK on the facet, I might be publishing my weblog content into books. Yay me!

What approximately you?

Do you’ve got content worth of recreating into a published e-book?

Tricia Lott Williford posted her blogs right into an e-book – albeit, edited, rewritten, and formatted right into a continuum that provided insight into situations like hers – however an ebook. The idea sprung from writing each day.

In truth, many bloggers have pulled precious content from their blogs, edited, rewritten, or resculpted their posts and became them into books. Some writers, consisting of Krystine Kercher, format weblog posts into that unique line of a notion and write chapters of their ebook as weblog posts you may study. Then publish the book with all of the chapters, so that you have it in a single incredible properly-bound presentation. And what a cover!

Even if your blog has an extremely good cover, the layout of your ebook cover can enhance the marketability of your ebook. Purposeful design is continually a choice over the random header and blog branding that takes region for your internet site. Why no longer enhance the brand with an excellent ebook cover?

Plot your blog for the e-book –

There’s a secret to writing weblog posts for an e-book, and I’m going to offer it to you proper right here:

Have a plan for each weblog submit.
Create an outline and add your blog put up to a particular part of the eBook document.

Submit your record (the one wherein you put up all your blog posts) to a publishing enterprise online – I use KDP Amazon, to post my eBooks.
When you take a seat right down to write a weblog publish, if I’ve found out whatever over time, from Jeff Herring, the content man, it’s the need to have a plan. Not simplest need to your weblog put up offer exquisite price to the reader, however, it should be an installation in a prepared way so the reader acknowledges the value of what they are reading right away. Don’t lead readers astray – supply them what they want.

Believe it or not a lot of people begin blogging as a manner to make cash online then provide it multiple months and cease. Rather than quit there may be some options. First I would really like to kingdom that a couple of months is not a long sufficient time to discover if your model would be a fulfillment. Think of it as a business and give it 12 months. Now directly to my challenge, I will inform you of a way to take those abilities you’ve got learned from running a blog and turn them into actual cash.

Throughout blogging, you will study a few of factors assuming you positioned enough time in. Those are, On and stale page search engine optimization, Link constructing, content creation, website design, advert placement, social networking, and content management structures as a minimum. All of these may be turned in to freelance or real jobs and in aggregate with the co-operation with the bloggers you’ve got met and mingle with every day you can expand your operation. After 12 months of Blogging, you will have a knowledge about the net than most people or organizations on the internet.

Let’s start with SEO, on and rancid web page search engine optimization is a big commercial enterprise and you could make a number of cash if you can translate site visitors into clients. I had a weblog that was getting 30,000 visitors a month and that changed into after only 3 months of content creation. Soi used to be sitting at my pc like you and my spouse turned into telling me to get a task. She started saying what jobs had been on Craigslist and I kept telling her no for more than one days, I wanted to make money on the internet. So subsequently she started to get the factor and informed me approximately someone who wished visitors to their websites. That sparked my hobby. I took what I knew about seo and went to have lunch with the person who needed assistance, seems she cherished what I had to say and hired me for 10-15 hours per week. That turned into my doorway in and you could do the equal, take what you recognize and start contacting human beings on Craigslist. A lot of humans will pay for: consultations, link building, on web page seo and many others.

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