After receiving several cow-subject matter items for her wedding ceremony in 2012, Ashley Kennedy had a consciousness.

“Is this absolutely everyone consider me?” she idea. “Do people assume that’s the simplest issue I like? Because I like plenty extra than just cows.”


Don’t get her incorrect – the Bad Axe, Michigan, dairy farmer loves cows, and she or he loves her cow-subject matter presents. But she additionally loves books, podcasts, walking, and writing. This recognition made her rethink the perspective of her weblog called Dairy Innovation.

“That was given me questioning that if I should write approximately different things, perhaps I could connect more to people outdoor of farmers, which changed into my whole goal,” she says. “That’s when I made the change from Dairy Innovation to Messy Kennedy.”

Messy Kennedy (Messykennedy.Com) is a greater accurate mirrored image of who Kennedy is these days: a mother, a dairy farmer, a prepared dinner, and plenty extra.

“I aim to reach out to a mother like me – a hectic, operating mother who cares approximately what she is feeding her youngsters and her own family, due to the fact I’m that mother, too,” she says.

The call comes from one in all Kennedy’s buddies who usually notion “Ashley Kennedy” sounded a chunk like “Messy Kennedy.” Plus, “I’m like a strolling warm mess all of the time,” laughs Kennedy.


This is the 1/3 new release of Kennedy’s weblog. She started the first version – The Scoop – in university.

As the Michigan dairy ambassador at the time, one in all Kennedy’s mentors endorsed that she start a weblog to percentage her perception into the dairy enterprise and to comment on hot subjects. “I cherished writing, so that’s one I fell in love with blogging, and I’ve been with it ever because,” she says.

After college got here Dairy Innovation, targeted on technical information. At the time, Kennedy turned into operating within the dairy industry. However, she hadn’t determined her manner back to the farm yet.

“I neglected domestic and the farm and knew I wanted to come home sooner or later,” she says.

In 2011, Kennedy started milking cows for minimal salary on her mother and father’s dairy farm. Since then, Kennedy and her husband, Eric, have labored on a plan to buy the farm. They officially bought the operation inside the summertime of 2017.

“If we could see into the destiny, we would have waited any other 12 months, due to the fact who desires to take over a farm whilst milk charges are down within the gutter?” she asks. “But my husband and I just maintain saying, ‘If we make it thru this, we will make it via whatever.’” The farm consists of 240 cows with four robotic milking structures.



“Figure out who the audience is you need to attain,” advises Kennedy. “If you aim to reach out and speak approximately things besides farming, then some strategy might be needed.”

For Kennedy, this means thinking about each submit and whether or no longer a mother who doesn’t come from a farming background might need to study it.

Kennedy says go for it for farmers who need to proportion what they do daily and aren’t working to reach a larger audience. She additionally doesn’t want farmers to underestimate their reach amongst the circle of relatives and buddies.

“If all you do is the percentage on your personal social media, you can be that farming supply to 2 hundred human beings,” she says. “You can make a big impact that way, too.”

You’re geared up to begin blogging – however, wherein does content material come from!

We talked the final week about how critical blogging is on your commercial enterprise, and with any luck, it changed into inspiring (enough) that will help you create a weblog or two. But we remember that as plenty as you realize that blogging is essential, the venture is constantly arising with applicable content, and this, in reality, comes as two wonderful areas of the problem:

I wouldn’t say I like to put it in writing; I’m not an excellent creator.
I don’t recognize what to write down; how do I understand what my marketplace desires to hear?
I’ll try to tackle each with our pinnacle 5 tips for growing content material on your weblog:

Read – a lot. And then write what you suspect. Read enterprise publications or just the newspaper. What is modern-day? Is there something occurring that might impact your marketplace? Are their new studies being published that you can interpret on your market? Start answering their questions before they ask! And do not be afraid to proportion the blogs of others that praise your mind; social media is about sharing and contributing.


Keep it easy – your blog would not need to belong or cowl an excessive amount of. Aim to write one page, and if you find it getting two prolonged, damage it up into a series to put up over some weeks. Also, don’t purpose too excessive – start with one blog a week; if you write extra this week, the greater blogs in an archive to publish when you’re busy or on an excursion.

Think approximately the questions you get asked most customarily, and write a response that speaks to this. Your blog is likewise a perfect place to break down myths about your market. I as soon as I spoke with a client who worked with people with substance abuse, she turned into offering a top-notch provider for folks that are desperately searching for help. But getting the clients to her turned into an assignment; they failed to need to be identified or feel singled out. We brainstormed messaging that became compassionate and strengthened the secure area she becomes growing for her customers (and their households). Her blog has become a stunning, useful resource.

What are you working on proper now? Give a small “sneak preview” for your followers. Thinking of supplying a new product or service? Start blogging approximately it.

Always have writer’s block? Enlist the assistance of a ghostwriter. They may be a HUGE help and time saver. There are numerous approaches to work with a writer, and a great one will discover the manner that works first-class for you and create consistent content material that looks and appears like you. We suggest to our clients to truly share the whole thing they’ve already created and allow us to filter out thru it to begin growing their content.

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