Dover schools did not display net use

Dover faculty employees used district computer systems for non-public web browsing, and officers did not reveal for beside-the-point net use.

Meanwhile, the vicinity of the district’s pc server was no longer cozy, which elevated the danger for unauthorized get right of entry to the community.

That’s according to the state Comptroller’s Office’s audit of the Dover Union Free School District’s records generation system performed in advance this year.

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Since the audit, the district has applied a number of the adjustments recommended via the comptroller, said Dover Superintendent Mike Tierney.

“As with any audit, we did not constantly trust all their findings. However, we have mentioned them with the board and administrators to find a wholesome balance between safety, performance, and usability,” Tierney said.

The Troubles

Dover has an acceptable computer use policy, and internet filters have been in a location. Still, district officials did now not screen for beside-the-point use following the board coverage, the Comptroller’s Office said.

And at the time of the audit, Dover’s server was located in a room that doubled as a garage area for pc materials and old computers, consistent with the comptroller. The room was locked, but a few custodial people had got admission to it.

Auditors also stated that they located other “IT manage weaknesses,” however, the data is sensitive, and effects have not been discussed in the document. They have been shared confidentially with district officials.

Dover’s IT machine practices from July 2016 via March were examined.

The comptroller endorsed Dover expand tactics and controls that restrict entry to websites and secure the district’s server room so that the simplest authorized people have to get the right of entry.

Internet use

Auditors tested computer systems assigned to seven non-academic personnel, consisting of district workplace personnel and administrators.

“We observed that personnel used six of these computers to visit social networking, purchasing, journey, entertainment and blogging websites, apparently for non-college purposes, and carried out different internet research and surfing of a personal nature,” auditors said inside the file.

Because the ones types of websites are often used to unfold malicious software programs, using them unnecessarily exposes the structures to malicious software infections, the Comptroller’s Office said.

District officials should make sure there’s an ok internet filtering manner in the area to restrict vulnerabilities due to net surfing and make certain the network is used for suitable purposes, auditors stated.

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Tierney stated that during one instance of auditors mentioning social media usage, “we inform them that three of our colleges and our (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) have Facebook pages.”

Another time, Dover changed into stated “for occurring purchasing websites, even though we buy from Amazon and different websites to get exceptional prices,” in keeping with the superintendent.


If a server gets admission to isn’t managed, there is an elevated threat of unauthorized community get admission to and damage to the server, consistent with the comptroller. Hard drives in the old computer systems may also incorporate personal facts approximately a team of workers or college students.

“This weakness leaves the district liable to the manipulation or loss of information with probably high-priced consequences,” auditors pronounced.

The district has worked to restore that trouble and others, said Tierney, in a reaction he wrote to the Comptroller’s Office in September.

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