Trunks is a Dj and Producer firstly from Atlanta. His musical career commenced off in Trap tune which led him to transport to LA and fall in love with EDM. His unique combo of Trap and EDM mixed along with his plain expertise has impressed audiences across Hollywood. Below Trunks talks us through his pinnacle 10 plugins.

1. Omnispehere 2– This monster I use all the time, I can actually take a seat down for hours and just go through sounds. I bear in mind seeing a video about Omnisphere 2 on Youtube and I right now positioned it on the pinnacle of my list of factors to shop for, right beneath groceries. It has every sound you can ever need or want and if it doesn’t have it you can add your very own. I don’t recognize if I’ll ever go through all the sounds Omnispehere 2 has to provide. You also can dive into sound design yourself which is likewise a groovy function.


2. Altiverb through Audio Ease– I use this mainly for including any reverb effect. There are such a lot of high-quality samples of actual areas to create reverb on this factor. You can locate stuff that just makes your sounds pop and deliver them that surrounding impact. They have everything from a small room reverb to a placing called Jumbo Jet which I simply used on the remaining song I made.

Three. Ultratap by Eventide – UltraTap is my principal go-to for rhythmic delays, bizarre reverbs, large swells and distinct sounding modulation. Many of my hard trap songs use this at some point to create the stuttering impact or any put off the sound might need.

4. Serum– Another synthesizer I use a terrific amount of the time, it’s far a wavetable synthesizer with a super interface for my workflow. Also, you could simply get into designing your very own sounds. You can do this with other plugins too but I assume the interface on Serum separates itself from the %. I truly got Serum from this internet site referred to as Splice and paid month-to-month on it till I owned it. I advise it to all my manufacturer pals and if I am looking for any sounds which can be harsh or southern trap sounding, I generally turn to this one.

5. Izotope RX– This one is actually cool, it’s a restore plugin that works to repair audio. I use it for de-clipping, doing away with clicks, and removing crackles. Many instances I will use this for assisting with any samples I may use for a hip-hop music or vocals that weren’t recorded well. It is essentially an audio doctor.


6. Heavyocity Gravity– I’ve been working with a few buddies of mine on a song for film trailers and movie. Gravity has the maximum high-quality choir and cinematic sounds for that sort of film sound. I use it for Trap songs too because of the creepy and dramatic pianos and choirs that commonly sound precise with any mainstream trap document.

7. Voxengo Span– This one is likewise a certainly cool audio spectrum analyzer tool. SPAN is free and works properly for seeing volume peaks. It also helps with ensuring you could pass frequencies round so matters don’t get muddy to your music.

8. Granulator 2 – This gives a countless deliver of thrilling sounds – from smooth evolving pads to mad basses. You can literally drop anything you want into Granulator 2 and you will have a robust chance that it comes out dope. I’ve used this a number of instances to create a great fill or a tender evolving pad that offers the tracks bridge phase something unique.

Nine. Substance by means of Outpost– I had been the usage of this one a touch too much lately, it is this kind of effective bass engine although. I use it all of the time to create wild sub basses and analog synth sounds. The laugh component behind the program is that you may integrate up to three layers of assorted sound resources and mix them collectively with effects, filters, and modulations. It’s like being a sub-bass mad scientist, that whatever you’re making will no longer sound just like the subsequent people.

10. Tube-Tech CL1B– I changed into seeking out a compressor which can reap a smooth sound in a brief amount of time. I came across Tube-Tech CL1B and me didn’t appear again. It makes your sounds experience transparent and heat at the equal time. It’s not overloaded with functions like a few different plugin compressors, however, the easy layout is in which the power of the plugin begins.

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