This Travel Blogger Shares 6 Tips on How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million users, however now not they all have figured out how to make cash from their feeds.

However, Viktoria Altman, the blogger at the back of travel tipster, is a social media maven who has cracked the code. Since she started out using her Instagram for commercial enterprise functions in past due 2016, Altman has constructed a following of over 33,000 fanatics by sharing breathtaking images from around the globe.

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I spoke with Altman to learn how she became her love for journey and photography right into a source of income (which, by the manner, brings in over $1,000 consistent with month).

Here’s how Altman earns cash from her travel pics, in conjunction with her recommendation for aspiring Instagram influencers looking to follow in her properly-traveled footsteps.

1. Capture your passion with exceptional snapshots and equipment

These days, Altman works full time on her blog and Instagram feed. She also offers with other systems, including Pinterest and Facebook.

But Altman didn’t start off as a blogger. She started out as a complete-time traveler.

“The more places I visited, the greater stimulated I felt to try to create something that would help me maintain reminiscences and help others to create their very own experiences,” said Altman.

She, to begin with, took pics together with her cellular telephone. But in November 2016 she decided to take her images up a notch to provide exquisite pics for Instagram.

“Start with shopping for a great DSLR [digital single-lens reflex camera] and a starter lens,” she cautioned.

Now Altman uses her internet site and Instagram to inspire others and help vacationers build their personal adventures.

“I offer plenty of tour hints, talk approximately places to go to in a location, a way to save cash, and a way to get the most out of the enjoy,” said Altman.

Focusing on practical tips additionally helped her stand out within the tour running a blog and Instagram international.

“Having a completely unique voice [on] Instagram and [in the] blogosphere is very important to grow your following,” she stated.

By deciding on a discipline you’re obsessed with — whether or not it’s travel, fitness, meals, or something else — you’ll be more likely to feature fee and a completely unique angle.

2. Boost your images talents with free online guides
Of route, Instagram isn’t just about the facts you can offer. It’s on the whole approximately the exceptional of your pix. That’s why Altman made it a priority to enhance her abilities as a photographer.

Once you’ve secured the right equipment, take benefit of free online tutorials to sharpen your talents.

“There are 1,000,000 loose films on YouTube, and the first-class manner to study, I locate, is to watch the movies about pictures and then exercise to your own,” she stated. “Same works for Photoshop and Lightroom. There is a mastering curve, however, it’s very conceivable with none pricey classes.”

Altman has additionally stepped forward her images abilties by taking benefit of the “social” a part of social media.

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“I had been capable of make buddies with top notch photographers through Instagram and Vero,” she said. “I regularly ask them for advice.”

Without standout images skills, you’ll be tough-pressed to be successful as an Instagram influencer.

“It’s a totally competitive world,” said Altman. “Making a residing as an Instagram influencer method you need to constantly work hard on yourself and your abilities.”

lengthy with gaining knowledge of the artwork of photography, you need to also grow your following and enhance engagement.

“Instagram has usually been about a network, and by using locating a set of like-minded human beings whose work you admire you can assist your self to grow,” stated Altman. “I am networking with many massive landscape photographers who also follow me and comment on my photographs. This way the Instagram algorithm favors me and enables me to grow faster.”

Along with growing your following, you ought to also consciousness on constructing engagement. This should suggest following different Instagram users or responding to any feedback left to your photographs.

“You would start to create your Instagram own family by means of following bloggers whose paintings you admire, commenting on their photographs, and building a dating,” stated Altman. “Building an actual community is the No. 1 step to turning into a professional Instagram influencer.”

4. Collaborate with agencies presenting products you’d use
You don’t want heaps of likes according to an image to monetize your Instagram feed, Altman said. She said customers will begin to approach you when you step by step have approximately seven hundred to one,000 likes per photograph.

Of course, you can additionally reach out to them whilst you’re geared up.

“Every logo has a PR team,” stated Altman. “Send them an email, tell them you love their product, [but] best method agencies you would definitely use.”

Some customers will come up with products in alternate for a publisher, even as others can pay you for a marketing campaign.

“On average, an Instagrammer with 30,000 followers and a strong weblog can count on to make $500 to $3,500 a month depending at the month,” said Altman. “An average marketing campaign probably brings in about $1,000 for an Instagrammer of my size.”

Once you begin getting clients, Altman stated it’s important to “under promise and over deliver.”

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“If a customer asks for 3 Instagram posts, I try to supply 4,” she stated. “If a purchaser asks for just one article, I try to add one extra as a guest post on a unique weblog.”

The world of Instagram influencers is a competitive one. By exceeding clients’ expectancies, Altman guarantees they hold coming lower back. And a glad patron can turn into a supply of referral.

“Make the paintings extremely good, placed your coronary heart and soul into it — and they’ll be again and refer others,” stated Altman.

She also said you can’t count on to score lots of customers proper away. Building a consumer base takes time, so be affected, person. If you preserve at it, you may make money doing what you adore.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new platforms
Rather than sticking entirely to Instagram, Altman said it enables to also create blog posts, Pinterest pins, and YouTube movies. Building up numerous assets of impact will help you convey within the most earnings out of your online business.

Additionally, Instagram influencers ought to additionally be on the lookout for the next amazing platform.

“Everyone knows that Instagram is large,” she stated. “But purchasers can exchange their behavior. Remember Myspace?”

For her component, Altman has been experimenting with the social network Vero. Since it’s nevertheless pretty small, she feels she will rating big clients through getting in at the ground floor.

“Be open to new media,” Altman advised. “Instagram customers who got on Instagram on the very starting had a big advantage. I am constantly searching out new networks and trying new things.”

So at the same time as there are tried-and-real approaches to get massive on Instagram — outstanding photography and engaging with your network being two of them — you also can’t be afraid to test.

By attempting new things, you may carve your personal area of interest in the Instagram influencer area. What’s greater, you can flip your ardor into a moneymaking process that brings in hundreds, if no longer lots, of bucks in line with the month.

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