Volvo Stands Firm As Treasure Hunt Bloggers Get More Excited

The exhilaration builds up for the last episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy scheduled to be launched on May 25. Even the blogosphere is set ablaze with more guesses. Bloggers are asking: “Is Captain Jack Sparrow going to make it?” Aside from this, every other mystery that bloggers intend to get to the bottom of is that this yr’s Volvo’s treasure hunt.


It can be recalled that the remaining summer season, the Swedish automaker buried the Volvo XC90 SUV tricked out Pirates of the Caribbean-fashion. The online hunt for actual treasure drew over one hundred,000 individuals global. Since the inception of the net treasure hunt, lots of would-be treasure hunters eagerly watched for information on the 2007 occasion.

The automaker is staying quiet, except for one email despatched in advance this month inviting past participants to check-in for the search this May. The e-mail changed into met with enthusiasm. Additionally, bloggers are getting restless about this year’s treasure hunt.

One blogger stated: “Arrrgghhhh! I can scent treasure. It looks like we’re getting toward discovering what Volvo has in save for us hearty pirates. Check out this picture I dug up. It can not be long now, mateys!” Another excited blogger stated, “Wow! That’s all I can say. I was kicking myself for months, for now, not solving it effectively. Thank goodness for redemption… Arrrrrrrrrr!”

Hunt Bloggers

One blogger uttered motivating words: “I cannot wait for another chance at the booty! Bring it on, Volvo!” Another netizen said, “High Tide is comin’! Get geared up to set sail!!!! We’re goin’ on a Voyage to locate the TREASURE!”


It seems that excitement is increasingly more developing each day that even Volvo brake pads could not manage the intensifying increase. And the wildfire has unfolded to chatters. They said, “Volvo’s got some new treasure, and it’s up for grabs. There are rumblings of a treasure hunt coming, positive to undertaking even the hardest Buccaneers round. You can wager all the rum on the ship that this hunt is not for the lily-livered (it’s faint of coronary heart to you land fanatics). If you had a good fortune (and what pirate does not?) to play in the remaining 12 months’ hunt, you should be scratching your head thinking, ‘Surely Volvo can not make the quest and treasure any higher than ultimate 12 months.'”

One chatter replied, “Well, you’re lifeless wrong, me hearty. The treasure this yr will surprise even the hardest swashbucklers obtainable. Start sharpening your wit, dust off your old compass, and maintain your eyes peeled. You do not need to miss this one! One extra element earlier than I move to increase my pirate flag, test out http://www.Disney.Com. Looks like my old associates Captain Jack Sparrow and ‘Bootstrap Bill’ Turner may have heard the Volvo hunt rumor too…”

“We love the hunt blogs, it is so thrilling for us to see how revved up people are for this year’s hunt,” said a representative from Volvo Cars, who could communicate under the circumstance of anonymity at this degree of the sport. “But we’re taking no chances this 12 months and we’re maintaining our cards near our chest – we realize how proficient and devoted our treasure hunters are from our enjoyment of last yr’s hunt. All I can say is, be affected, person. We’re placing the very last touches on plot twists and excessive seas trickery. You’ll listen quickly enough, and also, you might not be dissatisfied.”

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Google blogosphere

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