Why is Coding Important? Whitehat Jr. CEO Karan Bajaj Breaks Down Why Coding is an Essential Skill In Today’s Competitive Environment

Children who learn to code at an early age have an advantage in today’s world, says Karan Bajaj, CEO, and Founder of Whitehat Jr., an ed-tech firm offering tech classes for kids.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Today, technology dominates business across various industries. Tomorrow’s workforce will demand much more than computer literacy. That’s why children need to gain early exposure to computer programming, says Karan Bajaj, CEO and Founder of Whitehat Jr.


Karan Bajaj, Edtech Entrepreneur, Explains Why It’s Important for Kids to Learn Coding

Coding can lead to productive careers, and there are many opportunities for children to gain these skills in a fun environment. For example, Whitehat Jr. provides video courses for children to learn coding at their own pace. The company also offers classes that build technical skills, such as math courses that cater to future programmers.

Karan Bajaj Believes Coding Opens Job Opportunities and Helps Applicants Stand Out

Coding is fundamental to technical jobs such as software development. However, it’s also crucial for anyone working in technology to understand this most fundamental component. There’s a shortage of software developers, and there is also a great need for job candidates who understand data science concepts such as big data, AI, and machine learning. Karan Bajaj believes coding provides the key to thriving in a digital world.

According to Karan Bajaj, there are two significant reasons children should learn coding in a comfortable setting, such as an online classroom.

These reasons to learn coding include:

  • It improves job opportunities: Startups like to hire people with an array of talents that can help move the company forward. So, even if students become accountants or business analysts, knowing how to code can help them interact with technical team members or launch software products.
  • Coding skills are a confidence booster: The mental health and confidence of kids with early coding skills tend to be stronger and more resilient to difficult challenges. Many can scale up to more challenging and demanding requirements later in life. Coding doesn’t just teach a language or how to use a computer mechanically; it teaches kids to be confident in their abilities.

Students who gain coding proficiency will more easily grasp other technical job aspects. Coding literacy awakens areas of the brain needed to understand other technical concepts. Math and science are key components to learning to think like a programmer. According to Karan Bajaj, these skills are useful in many capacities for students who go on to work in medicine, law, finance, and other fields.

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