Aussiecats Takes at the New Local Cat Laws in Western Australia

In WA local legal guidelines are being introduced in several shires when it comes to the retaining of cats. The City of Joondalup has formalized legal guidelines that allow you to come into effect in October 2009. Other shares are testing these new legal guidelines over the subsequent 12 months earlier than compulsory registration of cats is enforced and the software of fines.


These legal guidelines intention to sell responsible cat possession, welfare and protection of domestic cats and to help inside the prevention of nuisances to the network as a result of cats.

Unfortunately for cat proprietors, there’s presently no avenue of disputing those legal guidelines with the individual shires nor dispute the selections made underneath them. These laws have the capability to disrupt and harm relations with neighbors and encourage vigilantes to goal several cats in a single road simply due to the fact they do not like cats.


Contraventions to those local laws might also incur an excellent as nominated by your Shire or the impoundment of your cat with the aid of an accredited person which includes a Shire Officer or the occupant/proprietor of a non-public house. If a complaint is made by a neighbor to the Shire about your cat, the Shire Advocate or a Shire Ranger will touch you at once as to the character of the criticism and treatments expected.

Note: you cannot be pressured to absolutely enclose your cat presently under these local legal guidelines, most effective to hold your cat inner for the duration of the hours of 9 pm to 6 am every day.


Where an unidentified cat is impounded and not accrued within 7 days of its impoundment the Shire can provide the cat for sale, the purpose the cat to be destroyed or purpose the cat to be rehoused.

Trapping cats and doing away with them from their very own road and community beneath those new neighborhood legal guidelines is an emotional difficulty for the cat proprietor, their instant family and for different pets in the family. Children are in particular affected while a cherished puppy is going missing as are the aged and people pet proprietors who’ve had their cats for many years.

With the urban sprawl in Australia the advent of plenty smaller block sizes for home proprietors way we’re nearer to our neighbors than ever before. Surely there has to be some realism to these new cat laws and equality & equity for cat owners to also guard their cats and have the due system to dispute court cases.

Aussiecats.Com is a new internet site installation for cat proprietors in Australia to publicly protest against those new cat laws. Presently cat proprietors haven’t any rights to dispute complaints made in opposition to their cats under these new laws nor are there any felony avenues to shield your cat being trapped by way of a neighbor. Game on…

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