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Shahnaz Husain came from humble beginnings with a desire to offer beauty and fitness to the ladies of her community, her u. S ., and sooner or later the arena. She started her journey to becoming one of the leaders in Ayurvedic splendor care inside the 1970’s in New Delhi. There she spread out her first natural clinic in her domestic and made step one toward growing an opportunity to the present salon treatment techniques. It turned into on this small single room salon that she started to create her very own progressive “care and therapy” technique. This modern technique aimed now not virtually to cowl up beauty conditions or even briefly relieve them, but as a substitute to treat their cause and draw the hidden beauty out of each person thru cultivating the fitness of that character. Through the years she has very well evolved this method and a wide variety of products together with it, and her devotion and motivation have brought her excellent technique and almost 350 products to almost 400 personal clinics all around the world.


Products are made with all herbal elements blended inside the mild of Ayurveda’s millennia of revel in. Utilizing the satisfactory which the arena, records, and modern-day technology have to provide, Shahnaz Husain natural beauty products are a synergy of understanding and amazing recovery herbs, oils, lotions, and spices that might only become in our unique time and vicinity in history and the area. India is a meeting ground of historical understanding and contemporary technology and the ample resources of the tropics with the effective fruit of the terrific Himalayas. These products are born out of this special synergy and present the arena with a powerful alternative to the caustic and invasive beauty merchandise and techniques of nowadays.

The Shahnaz Husain Group is committed to assisting the fitness of its clients and the world. By the use of only herbal substances which have a remarkable history of use in India, they are able to successfully create merchandise that is secure for people and the surroundings. There isn’t any want for harmful chemicals with unknown aspect-effects, and therefore, no want for harmful products to be examined on helpless animals. The Shahnaz Husain Group does no longer carry out any cruel animal checking out, and all Shahnaz Husain splendor merchandise are absolutely biodegradable. These products are designed to be powerful but gentle within the sports. They aim no longer to offer an immediate remedy but to provide a durable exchange to bring about the real beauty hidden inside. Shahnaz Husain facial and hair remedies are secure for all pores and skin sorts and almost anybody. They are an incredible and profound alternative to most current cosmetics.


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The international has obtained the work of Shahnaz Husain with amazing pleasure. She has received many awards during her career for her products and her inspiring philosophy of beauty. However, she does now not take this as a sign to sit returned and back inside the fruit of her exertions, on the contrary, she takes this encouragement and makes use of its momentum to push forward in her pursuit of but higher ayurvedic cosmetic treatments and products. Nor has she allowed her fulfillment to compromise her morals and commercial enterprise concepts. The Shahnaz Husain Group continues to be a totally non-public corporation without outside shareholders to demand more earnings at the price of satisfactory. The organization’s dedication to excellence has led them into the various diverse factors of the field of Ayurvedic splendor products. They have spread out their very own training institutes, and develop many of their personal herbs for their products, in addition to the masses of salons and beauty facilities worldwide. It mirrors the dedication, pressure, and care of the Shahnaz Husain Group, and Shahnaz Husain herself.

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The scenic beauty of Mussoorie is timeless. The region looks like a brilliant medley of numerous hues, spirituality, relics, and magic of bracing environment. The cascading waterfalls, enchanting hills, captivating snow levels and varied plant life and fauna add to the Titanic beauty of the immensely stunning hill station observed with the aid of Captain Young. He turned into a navy officer who laid the muse of this lovely hotel lured by way of the desirable splendor of the place in the yr 1827.

Mussoorie has situated in Uttarakhand approximately 38 km from the city of Dehradun at an altitude of 2003 meters within the Garhwal Hills that is regarded to define its personal beauty and appeal. The fascination begins from the compelling view of the Himalayan snow ranges that keeps via the splendid hilly areas, adventurous roads, grassy slopes, and the class of green all around. With a lot thrill and exhilaration, there aren’t any drawn obstacles to what someone feels within the Himalayan range.

There are many visitor attractions in and around the location to lure people from internationally. The magic created by the Kempty Falls, Gun Hill, Cloud End, Camel’s Back Point, and Sir George Everest House is a mind-blowing supply of fascination.

Situated at an altitude of approximately 1370 meters, the gushing waterfall of the best Kempty Fall is breathtaking. The whispering sounds, rippling cascade, winding stair, and the feel of freshness is simply first-rate.

Gun Hill and the Sir George Everest House provide a panoramic view of the stunning Himalayan degrees. Gun Hill discloses the enormous splendor of the ranges just like the Srikantha, Pitwara, and Gangotri whereas the George Everest House creates an attraction with the picturesque view of the Doon Valley. These Himalayan tiers are definitely an epitome of nature’s beauty however altogether these additionally provide a unique shape of amusement in the form of adventure sports activities like trekking.

Cloud End is a stunning area to feel the affection of nature and green all round. The area is beautifully adorned with numerous flowers and fauna along with artificially created lakes. The calm, serene, and peaceful ecosystem is a favorite inn for enjoyment sports and sports activities. The maximum magical experience is a stroll within the Cloud End.

Camel’s Back Point is an impressive stretch of avenue that starts of evolved from the Kurli Bazaar and ends on the Library Bazaar. The whole stretch has its very own attraction with thick deodar bushes girdling the way and the fabulous view of the sundown in addition to dawn fascinating the onlookers.

Apart from those, different traveler points of interest like Happy Valley, Bhatta Falls, Municipal Garden, Depot Hill, Lal Tibba, and Jharipani Falls have their own extraordinary appeal.

Undoubtedly with all its charisma, Mussoorie has ended up a maximum famous traveler destination. The serene environment and first rate climate further adds to the pleasure of excursion and makes the hill station a perfect location for a known violent and soothing holiday.

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When you think of the correct college, you believe a considerable campus on a wide stretch of land with the nicely-maintained timber and the perfectly manicured lawns. Add some homes of wonderful style and structure and you have the final venue to revel in your college years – which many will say are the five years of one’s life.

Based on these characteristics, Scripps College in Claremont, California is really one that comes close to being a super college. Scripps College has been again and again identified as one of the most stunning campuses in the use of a. One of its maximum lovely spots could be the Margaret Fowler Memorial Garden. A small serene fountain is surrounded via four olive trees from the house of the female whom the garden was named after. This place is so enthralling and delightful that, in step with the internet site of the university, weddings were held in this area. But do not be fooled into questioning that every one the points of interest and sounds in Scripps College are right and with out a touch of modernity, this faculty absolutely has a graffiti wall! The reality that this graffiti wall is nestled beside a rose garden makes the assessment extra and particular. I love how universities have embraced contemporary varieties of art like graffiti of their personal methods.

Another picturesque college which offers the same greenery and amazing structure might be Sweet Briar College. Unfortunately for men, women are the handiest ones allowed to enjoy this quaint college in Sweet Briar, Virginia. With its enormous belongings, the school has a remarkable equestrian middle so one can no question please all the horse enthusiasts who’ve been looking for a school which contains this game. Sweet Briar College buildings have been designed by the exceptional Ralph Adams Cram, so count on nothing but properly-designed homes within the campus. This stunning campus has the greenery, the equestrian center and the surprising homes designed via an international-well-known architect. Thus, it truly merits its mention at the list of the most lovely campuses within the U.S.


Another university which also suggests up often on lists of maximum beautiful campuses might be Wellesley College. Like Sweet Briar College, Wellesley is a ladies’ college. This college has a totally rich history and is nestled within the Massachusetts area which is known for its long list of terrific faculties. The campus of Wellesley could be very picturesque, love it got here straight out of an e-book. Wellesley has constantly been known for being fantastically selective of its students, and this excessive widespread of first-rate extends to their campus. The school’s website states that its founder, Henry Fowle Durant, has been quoted to have been stated that he believed that young girls must be knowledgeable inside the midst of beauty. The college has been successful in retaining real to this because the campus has remained picturesque with its serene non-public lake, lush meadows and rows of healthy pine trees. Those who have had, or having the privilege to observe at this sort of ideal campus with such excessive instructional standards are certainly very fortunate.

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